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Re: End of Gaim in 3 weeks

Non, non, non, dear player, you have to savor this! Even with the finale being three weeks away you must ensure you do not miss a thing! After all, we are not out of the running yet and it would be absurde for us to be put on the playing field too soon! Who will mop up the city when Monsieur Banane and the Aquarius have their little jusqu'au bout des pieds, oui?

Just be content and watch, their shining star of these formerly little children will be shown. Their surprising passion will light up this world and leave us breathless!

Till then dear player, adieu!
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[mun why are you suddenly making me talk to everyone.]

You seem to be enjoying yourself.
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[. . .]

Has no one told you?
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I've been informed of the fates of the others.

[He does hope he's still alive, of course, but considering Ryouma and now Minato... Well, he can't help but be a little upset by losing Ryouma, though it's more of losing what Ryouma used to be and not... this.]

I ensure you, I will do everything within my power to bring about the conclusion I desire. Whether it's in this world or another.
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I'm aware of his strength. I believe in him.

[And wow is Takatora impressed with how far Kouta has come.]

However... It's also more than that.
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[he's giving you a look for that name]

A desire.
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It's selfish. It would feel wrong to call it a dream.
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[Takatora's feeling he should be mildly disturbed by your wording, Oren.]

I want to be at Mitsuzane's side, to do away with this false version he's created in my absence.
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I'm aware. That's why I desire it so much. Seeing his regret, his despair... to not be by his side to relieve him of it...


I was never a very good brother. I desire a second chance I'm not sure I deserve.
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[Look at that, Oren. You got him to smile a little.]

As I said, whether it's this world or another, I'll find a way to make it happen. ... but, I doubt you're here to listen to my lamenting.
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[Your crush might be showing through a bit, there. Also, Takatora's not used to sharing his feelings with anyone, responsible older brother he tried to be. After a certain point, he'd stopped forcing Ryouma to listen to him.]

The world as I hope it to be?
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I want a world without fighting. Without fear. Measures of it are to be expected, but to be normal compared to the world I've always known... I've lived a great deal of my life in fear of the forest and the weight of my obligation. I was given power to change the world, but it wasn't enough. I was never able to save everyone. I lost my hope, I fell into despair at the idea of what I had to do.

[He clears his throat after that, realizing he's getting a bit too personal.]

All I dream for is peace and normalcy. I want Mitsuzane to be happy, to know everyone will live, that they'll have the time and ability to pursue their dreams without the shadow of death and destruction creeping into the world. I don't want these children to have to grow up so quickly, so recklessly, stumbling in the dark without proper guidance and ending up like this.
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[He's smiling again, even though he's trying not to make it obvious. Takatora wouldn't mind one of those melon desserts you kept practicing with at the beginning, one day.]

I failed at guiding anyone, before. Perhaps I'll know better next time.
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[You really are too good to him.]

What is your dream?
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It's an honorable goal. I admire it.
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I wish you luck. For now, at least one of us is still able to make a difference.

[He's still holding out hope he's alive, because nothing hurts more than seeing his brother suffer alone.]
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...we'll just have to hope everything will turn out all right, ne?
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[ she's quiet for a while. then: ]

How is everyone, Oren-san? I'm sorry I haven't been around lately to... help.

[ it's not the only thing she's sorry about, though. ]
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So...you're one of the other Riders in the Rookie's city, hmm?
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Not all Riders are of the Beat variety. Or do you not pay attention to urban legends?

[Zawame seems to have been shielded from any Kamen Rider references, hasn't it?]
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Then, did you happen to notice the sudden influx of similar people a few months ago then? Then they suddenly vanished after a large mecha battle?
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Well then...perhaps this might help a bit.

[On goes the Lost Driver.]

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Fuuto's been swarming with Inves as well. Terui, Phillip and I have been very busy clearing the buggers out. It's been quite the operation.

[He's talking like it was HIM planning it. Of course, Terui and Phillip did all the mental hurdles.]
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Yeah. The rest of us have been trying to spread ourselves out as much as possible. The older Riders are handling things overseas, while the rest of us are handling here and the mainland. Fourze even volunteered to take Australia. Crazy brat.