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Canon is Kamen Rider Gaim - Comments likely to have spoilers, too

You have to make a decision, player. Are you going to find me a game, or are you going to just keep me around to prod at those Armored Riders? You could always do both! I can go anywhere that I'm needed, after all.

What? You don't think it would work? What game wouldn't welcome me in with open arms? ...ah. I bring change. That's the problem. These games, these worlds, they run by their own rules. They wouldn't want anything to do with mine. But player... just a piece of me is enough to make an impact. I work best when I'm just out of sight, after all. You can't send an entire forest, but maybe a single tree.... yes. Why not?

You could do nothing at all. But why do nothing? You should be moving forward. Aiming higher. Being more.
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[He'll just be over here, observing. Primarily because his mun (and him) have been falling behind severely the last few months and only know recent developments in passing.]
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[Of course, it would never be that easy. And congratulations, Sagara. He really has zero idea what you've been up to this last half a season.]

Somehow, I'm not sure if it's too long or not long enough.
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From what I've gathered, I'm not very busy at all anymore.

[Boy, he just does not like any of this stuff you are saying.]

And Mitsuzane?

(as a note i'm still quietly laughing over the wonderfulness of your screenname every time i come back here)
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I was present for that, but not...

[Yeah, how much does he not want to talk what he already knows happens between him and his precious little brother?

And as much as he cares, he's not sure he wants to know what's happening, now that he thinks about it.]

I suppose it might be better if I don't know.

(it's beautiful.)
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It's different when it's him.

[He's been hurting for months over this.]
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[Heavy sigh.]

I was expecting you to hold something like that over my head, with how the rest of my subordinates have been.
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[Yes, he's noticed that and it's mildly concerning.]