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Voicetesting, real shaky...

I do not think you need to worry about not having much of a head cannon. Your head isn't a practical place for a cannon anyway.

((That's not what headcanon means, Hatchy. I'm not talking about a weapon.))

Oh. That's good; I don't think your substructure would handle the kickback well.

((Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.))

You're welcome!
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Yeah, you've gotta watch out for the fleshies. They're fragile.
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No, it was in my arm...
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I definitely prefer them this way. Easier to play the guitar, like this.
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Iiii... don't think any of our venues would appreciate that, either, even if it would end the show with a bang. [Patpat]
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We didn't write that. We weren't even made yet...
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Oh, well, then I guess we'd have your mun sing that.
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Well thanks! I've always wanted my very own look. But I'm not sure the Walters will let me keep a pet.