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grumble grumble

Why are you even callin' me? I know yer just gonna drop me off in the middle of nowhere again. I don't want you hypin' me up for no reason...

Haven't been able to fight anythin' in years...
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Where did your mun come up with that username, baka Momotaros?
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Oh, I know! They meant YOU were a perfect butt! They got it right, after all!

Speaking of butts, have you kicked any lately or just been lazing around drinking coffee and getting fat? :Þ
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I guess I can't really talk. My mun hasn't done much with me, either, except in a current RPG where she's got me mixed in with a bunch of sentai people, and they're seeing a lot more action than me.
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She's had me try a couple of those meme thingies, like on [community profile] bakerstreet, but usually she uses other people. Even the Disney dog gets more action than me (cute doggie, though!)
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Well, I guess you could go in some of those yucky 'smut' memes -- the dog never gets put into those. Ne, what IS 'smut,' anyway?
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Ohhhh, yeah! The slicing kind! Gee, that doesn't sound so bad, I wonder why my mun doesn't let the dog into those meme things -- dogs like fake ham!
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What else can we expect with these two? XD

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But you said your mun wasn't putting you in those meme thingies, so why shouldn't the dogs get to have smut if you're not having any?
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I think you're just jealous that the dogs are getting all the smut and you don't get any.
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Okay, but I'm gonna tell Kame-chan and Kuma-chan that you want all the smut for yourself.
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[Ducks and dances backwards] That's it, no smut for you!
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Aw, poor Momo! Let's hope your mun finds a place for you where you don't have to worry about dogs or smut again (as for me, I wish there were MORE dogs around! And kittens! And birds! Don't care so much about smut, though -- I'm a veget ... veg ... non-meat eater!)
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I'm a COOL dragon who doesn't want to hurt animals, not even in smut form.
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((OOC: I had to laugh this morning when the entertainment news mentioned a dish on last night's Top Chef Canada as including something called Corn Smut.))

Nope! You're a peach! [frowns] Just not the fuzzy, sweet, tasty kind.