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someone woke up grumpy

So, we're back to this again, are we, mun?

Perhaps you should learn not to allow yourself to be so easily swayed by your so-called friends.

I have no desire to go back into whatever sort of hell you can find. And while you're at it, any plans that you might even be considering making?

Leave me out of it.
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As if she isn't involved with enough of your characters. :'D

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Muns do have a bad habit of being easily persuaded...
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She needs to interact with every character evar. Yuugi too.

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And there isn't much to be done about it either. [Oh, you silly muns you.]

Guess the best thing I can say is that you don't go to any place too terrible.
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Guess we have that in common: muns being particular about some things. Mine, for instances, knows that some people aren't very comfortable with... this version of me and one of my closer friends, so we tend to stay in places with no long commitments or strict rules.