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Canon is Fruits Basket

Of course you'll drop one of those other characters!

Since you say you're far too busy to take on anyone else, naturally you'll have to get rid of someone in order to send me to the home I so naturally deserve.

Also, I trust you'll find Ha'ri and arrange for him to be sent there as well. Tohru-kun and my dearest younger brother as well, if you can manage it.

Get to it, mun. Chop chop!
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You really shouldn't speak to people like that, Niisan.
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[Doesn't even bother fighting it, knows it's useless]

Niisan, I don't think you really heard me. You should be nicer to your mun.
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[Now Yuki IS genuinely concerned]

It may seem like that on the surface, but these muns actually hold great power over us. They can make us ... do things. In their games, and 'fanfictions.' Things we normally wouldn't. And ... they can make us seem to enjoy it. (Spoken like someone who knows, poor kid.)
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[He should have known better than to try and make his brother see reason]

I guess you may end up finding out the hard way, but at least I tried. Maybe you won't end up getting paired in a love affair with your worst enemy or living in a place where Akito is a vampire and thus will never, ever die. *shudder*
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I'm sure you would, Niisan. Let's just be glad that it wasn't reality [the idea of Akito living forever is a horror he doesn't want to experience again.]