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Kilgrave's 100% unbiased opinion of the Defenders (may be spoilers in comments!)

Jessica was great. The rest was shit.

[...That's it? Okay then.]
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Pft, yeah no.

It may not be perfect but you're obviously just jealous she's over you~

[That may be giving her too much credit. But Boltie has never been known for being rational...such as showing up to antagonize a infamous villain.]
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[ Honestly it's not much better then the hero she modeled herself after.]

Well...OK no but she's a lot farther along then she was before she kicked your scrawny ass.
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[ She opens her mouth but...oh shit. She forgot he can do that. Great job dummy.]

Because I met this guy who decided to become a superhero, and I thought it was hot so I decided to become his sidekick.

[Said without a scrap of shame or embarrassment.]
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In hindsight? I don't think he was quite right in the head.

[Pot. Kettle. Black. Ect.]

But I proved my worth to him and he took me on as his sidekick!
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[She groans]

No. I wish. But I knew WAY more about superheroes then he did. And I took a bullet out of his leg when he got shot trying to save his girlfriend. Then I made my costume and boom! The Crimson Bolt's new sidekick Boltie was born!

[She sounds way too proud about her stupid ass origin story.]
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Aw come on! I was doing the best with what I had!

[But it's coming off all the same, gloves first, then boots, doing an awkward sort of shimmy hop to get out of her skirt. Then the shirt showing off a reasonably priced and effective sports bra. Tights coming down and...yes those are in fact spider-man panties. Last but not least, the mask.]

To be fair? I also have a bulletproof vest and lots of weapons.
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Aw come on! Don't be such an asshole!

[Too late though, she's already gathering it up knowing she's pretty much got no choice now. At least she can flip him off.]
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You're entitled to be wrong.

[He means entitled to an opinion which Thor believes is wrong, but this is a much quicker way of saying that.]
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Yes. What did I say?

[Don't answer that.]

It had combat. You're not a warrior.
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Your troubles are my troubles. [Well, not Kilgrave's, but the Purple Man did start it by saying "our."] The Hand boasted of their global influence, and I am sworn to protect your realm.

[Besides which, he shrugs.] I miss that island. Good food.
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[Could've gotten away with that wit, really. Thor can't be made to feel guilt about his priorities, such as they are, or his availability, such as it is. Besides which, he turned up for a beer more recently than some might think.]

I am. When I can. [At present he can't.]

In what manner do you expect to return?

[Because "nightmare" and "PTSD flashback" are ahead in the polls.]
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I believe the phrase I'm looking for is "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."
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Oh I dunno. Mun thought the lawyer was pretty good.
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Mun says they can't. They have to keep him alive for the Born Again storyline. Hard for Fisk to ruin his life if he's already dead.
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[Just let it go, Sal.]

Well, in terms of that mun's betting they actually bring you back for season 2 of Jessica Jones rather than it being PTSD or flashback.
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[Sally opens her mouth as if to correct him but then closes it. It's probably hopeless to convince him otherwise, isn't it?]
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Jessica is pretty great.
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Woah, first, not interested, second, I'm agreeing with you. That time she held onto an elevator? Awesome.
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It's a lot more than a glowing hand, you know.

[it sounds ridiculous but so does literally everything that comes out of danny's mouth, let's be honest. ]