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canon is blade runner

Isn't it strange? How a barely grazed the very fringe of what my universe had to offer? Within a flitting four years, I was somehow constricted to a single cosmos. We were fireflies trapped in a suffocatingly small jar, incapable of envisioning any future outside of their own inescapable deaths.

Had I any idea that there was even the slightest chance of an existence outside of the one I'd grown to both love and loathe, I'd have taken my chances.

That said, I am not beyond the possibility of starting over.
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I know we're cross-cannon here but I LOVE Roy! Hi!

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Existence should be without limitations. Why, when we live in a vast universe, should we limit ourselves to the choices others want us to make?
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Then you find another universe. I find most limits are self-imposed by people who do not look for all of the different options.
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Everyone races against time. It's one of the few things that are truly universal.

Tell me then, what efforts and what cost?
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Some things are preordained, but it's often fewer than we think. Even if the destination is planned, the path is yours. But you must sometimes let others have theirs. But you are young yet, likely you have not met your life span yet.