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summer '17

Hmph..."as expected of me" she says. Frankly, I wouldn't let something like poor mat distribution stand in the way of victory. In the first place, isn't overcoming the odds what competition is all about?! And speaking of classes, wouldn't Avenger be more fitting for a Demon King than Berserker?!

It seems as if that class is unreliable after all...

[It's just you appropriating other people's money to fund your new can't shift the blame on this one.]

Ghk...!! I'm telling you, we're completely different! I wouldn't go around with something that tacky in the first place!

The t-shirt! It's that tacky t-shirt!, Heshikill? No, no, that's completely fine.
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…Honestly? I think I'm more surprised you managed to make that out of your sword. Did you just fucking google "cool guitar sword" and ran with it or something?

[ yea no shit. ]
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Eh, Oda Nobunaga? Funny, I thought you would be taller in person. [ A beat. ] And have a big nose.

[ Remi plz. ]
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[ The little vampire shrugs. She was born in 16th century France, after all. ]

It didn't look so bad to me.
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I know what you mean.

Back in the 16th century, facial hair was quite popular. Funny how attitudes change.
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[ ... looks on in uncertainty..... ]
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And you've turned into an entirely different person too.

[ Aniue is a man. ]

Are you trying to impersonate my brother?
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[ Nobuyuki folds his arms.

✓ Red
✓ Guns
✓ Attitude
✓ Brings dishonor upon Oda family with conduct
✓ Will probably kill him if he disobeys

✗ A otome bishounen
✗ Tall ]

Why have you decided to become a woman?
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[ Nobunaga was definitely a dude. Look at those arms. ]

Did you have a concussion?
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[ Who is Okita because he's never heard of her.

But also that it might be safer to just play along. It's been what he's doing with Nobunaga's whims, anyway. ]

If you say so.
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As you wish.

[ sulks quietly in a corner ]
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[ Somehow he isn't laughing but Yagen sounds cheerful. ]

Oh, that's a good look for him! Fudou and Souza wanted to roll your summer version out of good humor...


...But thanks to Yamatonokami and Izuminokami using a bit too much of our modest citadel funds trying to get Sakura Saber and Bakumatsu Berserker... Most of us are stuck with free quartz. At least it's generous.
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[ Whips out a ¥5,000 ***Tunes card from his pocket. ]

...It's amazing what you can get swords to do, just for with one of these.

[ Thank you Osaka Underground Events and your shiny gold koban. ]
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Truly, the villain of wallets... What sad odds.

[ Mumble mumble. He still doesn't have have nobuzerker, it's tempting to use the card for himself. ]

Not that I really cared about your reputation as a bad person, or a villain... You're you. You took care of me.
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[ HIS SENSE OF HUMOR IS TO BE SERIOUS AND THEN SPOOK SOMEONE WHEN HE ISN'T. But the reputation thing for him is a serious topic.

Odagumi. ]

Even if you didn't actually use me to Hasebe's extent, I was kept close to your chest.

[ ...Yagen don't you dare- ]

Say... Nobunaga-san. Did you do something to fill in that swimsuit a little better?
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Haha! It was warm... and comforting, that's what I remember. If I become too focused on those kinds of details, I might become like Shinano.

[ Also he was pretty sure it was more... oh forget it. ]

I hope you're careful with your status as a sex symbol. It kind of reflects on us, not just Heshikill-san.

[ Says the notoriously "spicy, mature" tantou. People are quite fond of Souza's lithe figure and Hasebe's hidden abs though. And if you count Mitsutada... Yeah. ]
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I'll pretend you didn't leave me in your private quarters so often to realize that fact so well.

[ The truth... also RIP the Nobuharem. ]

Take what you want from this world, I can never complain. [ It's the ambition and forward-thinking that's he's in love with, no matter the variant of Nobunaga. ] Hopefully Nobunaga Oda (swimsuit) will be successful in this race, I'll cheer her on to the best of my ability.
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As long as we defeat those Sabers, your class is of no concern!

*unless you're gonna pull out a saber version on her too. you're not, are you?*
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Berserker is fine, there's no need to add another Saber, there's definitely too many as it is!
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No, that's not fine at all, definitely not!
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Even if it's a rigged race, it's quite interesting.

[ Specially since she's not the one that got dragged into it. ]
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I'm sure you'll get your time in the spotlight.

[ Unless the devs think that seeing rage day and night would be funnier, but let's not give them ideas. ]

They would be better organized if that were the case.
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Huh, I suppose you have a point. They would do better anyway.

[ X Alter here isn't really going to dispute her much, because she's too much of a lazy slob to put the effort. ]

You're barking at the wrong Mysterious Heroine, you know.
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I refuse.