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Canon is The Expanse.

You don't want to get into this.

No, really. You don't. You -- what is that? Being the only child of eight parents does not 'explain a lot,' you -- Stop that.
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Eight, sai? Even I have but the four.
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I but wish to ken how ya managed.
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Aye. I'd hear thy story and hear it very well, if you please.
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That doesn't explain how, sai. Magic, test tubes, conjoined twins?
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I be Mordred Deschain, the Little Red King. Ram Abbalah Tete, Heir to 'Los.

My mother possessed my mother when they was pregnant. It be a long story, say true.
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It explains a lot.
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Uh, yes, it does.
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You really want me to explain it to you?
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Really? Oookay.

So, you had eight people looking out for you and grooming you for leadership. Think about it. The rest of us are lucky if we just got one and a lot of us don't even got that.

You got the chance to think about more than yourself. I'd call that lucky.
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Yeah? What was it then?
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But you would have. Like, when you were a kid. Probably thought you wanted to too. There's no shame in it, y'know. You're just using what they taught you where you want now.
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Uh-huh. Still explains a lot though.
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It's not a big deal.