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looking at games, canon is the dark tower

Look at all these new worlds, just ripe for the picking. Do me a favor and choose a good one, won't you?

[He grins.]

You expected me to protest, hm? Nay, it could be amusing enough. Besides, as they say, this ain't my first rodeo, and it beats rotting in the stomach of an ill-behaved arachnid.
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Mind your fingers, sweetling. Some of these places have sharp teeth.

[Ginger's spent long enough in New England and Tokyo to know when something that looks human... isn't. She smirks a little and shakes her head.]

A lot of things beat being dead.
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With those choppers? Yes you will.

[If it's supposed to be appeasement, the tone is too cagey to be genuine]

Mn. Best to keep it that way. They'll get ideas on their own, anyway. [A beat.] Take it from me: even being unable to die can have drawbacks.
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You're a very busy little bee.

[There's just too much to do to even bother with dying.]

I have to applaud a man who knows what he wants.
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Or find an interesting one and never be bored for the rest of your life. Do or get done, am I right?

[Some people revel in chaos. Some people try to impose order. Some people just try to keep the world spinning for one more damn day.]

Mn. [The cordial tone of voice vanishes for a moment.] "We are the architects of our own destiny." Just something to keep in mind.
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Not death, though. [Smirk smirk.] Gotta say, though, death by giant spider seems a little underwhelming. 2 out of 10 for style.

[Gotta dance to whatever tune life calls.]

Fun fact: you want to make an impact? Flashy is the way to go.
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I think myself rather well-behaved, personally.
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*As Mordred kens well.* Be nice, little wizard, or you'll be feeding me thy eyeballs again. They were such tasty little snacks last time, say true.
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Not that you'd be likely to win. You're aware o' my desires this time, but I be older and cannier. *He smiles, a strangely pretty smile for a little monster. But then he's also Roland's blue-eyed son . . .* I'd not just kill you if you tried anything, not now. I'd break your mind first, sai, until you were my willing slave. Your eyes and tongue I made thee give then, but now I think I could make ya offer them of your own initiative.
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I'd probably have to leave some small core o' thy selfhood, true. It would make an interesting exercise to see if I could make you willing to do it yet aware that you shouldn't be.

I suppose we'll find out once I get a-hungry enough. Unless you have some better meal on offer, sai, so you may escape while I feed? *The not-boy licks his lips at the thought.*
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But I know how good you taste, little chaos-causer. Best dish I ever had, say true. *That's totally something to be proud of, right?*

Only a meal be as filling as a meal. *'Duh,' says his tone.* But if you can find me a small god or summat to eat then I'll not use the touch to erase your sense of self-preservation and replace it with loyalty to your Little Red King.

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One of these days I'll find/make icons but until then:

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[Tired but resigned: this is the way the gunslinger regards him. As if it's just one more in a series of arguments played out inexorably behind them and in the Days Yet to Come. It doesn't dull his sincerity any, or the truth in his words, but there it is.]

If they know the truth they will see your words for the lies they are and keep you where you are, say true.

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Then that is their mistake to make and mine to salvage.

[No smiles from Roland, only grim determination.]

Infecting one world with your sickness is one too many let alone others.
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Not all excitement is something to be celebrated.
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Then fortunately for them there are others to look out for everyone else.