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Oh for fuck's sake, this is ridiculous.

First of all, this username? Huh? Doesn't make any sense. The fuck does this even mean? Secondly, can't I have one minute of goddamn peace and quiet? The minute I kick back, throw my feet up, grab myself a drink and get ready for a quiet day of watching decent classic cinema, another asshole barges in and tries to fuck up my life!

What is it about me that attracts insufferable douchebags and assholes on a 24/7 basis?

Seriously, I'm so over this just. At least let me down another bottle of Scotch first.
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You seem upset.

I think, in this instance, a margarita might help more than Scotch.
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[c o m p l e t e l y undeterred, still smiling. still in pastels.]

They're delicious.
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[and this is like a less... cool, grizzled version of robert.

he will not give up on the 'ritas:]

Oh no, can't have that. It'd conflict with the triple sec. You've gotta have the perfect harmony of separate flavors in there for it to be a good one...
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[oh, he's heard that one before! plenty of times. why not just drink it straight, why not be a man, all of that. joseph however, is not only a man of god, but he has been converted to the cult of jimmy buffett. of island time. this requires margarita worship.]

Fifty would be far too many! [ha ha!]

Anyway, because, the point is to make the alcohol subtle. You don't even realize you're drinking until it hits. It's a lot more, mm-- relaxing.
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[joseph keeps smiling obnoxiously, only pausing for a split second to-- um-- give michael a quick once-over. just. in response.

anyway, he looks mildly concerned at the last bit:]

Oh, you shouldn't be letting a teenager anywhere near booze...
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[joseph continues to look concerned. well, he should be, considering the influences he has in his children's lives and the fact that they'll be teenagers far too soon.]

Yours started that young?

[it doesn't sound judgmental so much as worried now...]