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I'm Back! (Woo-oo!)

Uncharted waters, bold new territories, and no, we're not making time travel jokes! Honestly, ye've had enough of them with the shorts. I'm just here to have a lot of low-key adventures with my nephews, teaching them to get out of trouble since they're such magnets for it.


Okay, mebbeh one or two cases of time travel. I do have that clock...
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"Low-key"? I suppose in the grand scheme o' things, that could almost be called "low-key"...
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Aye, 'tis true. And the kids'll learn more out there than they would in any school.
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Ohh, of course not! They'll be no good at it without a firm beginnin'!

And a little help from the best in the business, naturally.
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[just, you know, casually walking by.]

Yeah, everyone knows you don't have time for jokes anyway.
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[he shrugs]

Relaxing is supposed to be good for your health.
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Who's making the jokes about time now?
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Correction, dearest uncle, I don't have any job at the moment.
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And now you're trying to guilt trip me?! As if you've done a good job caring for them over the years! You haven't given your family the time of day until recently, and now you're trying to make it out like I'm the bad guy? I've given those boys everything I could since Della...

Y'know what, forget it. I forgot I was talking to Scrooge McDuck, the only duck in the world who matters.
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It's easy to say that now, isn't it.
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Excuse me if I wanted to make sure my family was kept safe!
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They're happy to know you now, and I'm glad they're happy. You've just gotta make sure they don't end up hurt. [physically or emotionally.]
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It is still our responsibility to make sure they don't wind up in more trouble than they can handle just yet.
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Which means I am gonna be going with you to make sure of it.
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Mundunes have the strangest sense of humor.
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Time travel, mac? Gotta be careful. If the movies are anything to go by, ya mess with the past, ya get monkeys rulin' the future.
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You make a habit of time traveling, old timer?
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[oh no it's a duck wearing a top hat THIS IS THE CUTEST THING EVER]

We're already traveling through time.
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My only excuse is the journal name's pun fits with the "time travel" jokes. Sort of.

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My mundane showed me a recording of the broadcast. I found it intriguing: It's highly atypical to see a crystal energy source of that particular grade on Earth. Assuming, of course, that you are from an alternate version of Earth in the first place. [Pause.] Though I suppose you could be from Cygni B or one from a similar evolutionary track.
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The crystal you had in the news broadcast. The one you say you retrieved from "At-Lawn-tees". [How do Earth pronunciations?] It doesn't grow in Earth-normal gravity. As I scientist I find it intriguing that one was not only present on your world which appears Earth-normal aside from the avian populace but that your people are able to use it with the apparent level of your technology.
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Don't misinterpret my comment as a slight. [Careless wave of the hand as he says this.] I intended it as a compliment.
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Azmuth of the Galvan though I take it you're as familiar with my species as I am with yours.
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Out of curiosity, did you observe anything indicating the original source of the crystal? Such as evidence of a downed ship?

[Not out to hunt for lost treasure. Just curious.]
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[Azmuth's mouth frowns though it isn't directed at you.]

An unfortunate waste.

Thank you for your time. If there's some way I can reciprocate you indulging my curiosity, please let me know.
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"Lad"? [Headtilt.] Isn't that a term for someone in adolescence or young adulthood?
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Then you seem to have misjudged my age. I'm not the oldest of my people, but I'm certainly not young anymore. As far as exact age, I'd have to re-calculate it. I stopped counting around 5,000.