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Enemies & Allies (Game: Hadriel)

I do not wish to see him. I do not. (There is not an inch of him that isn't tense, ready to fight. Celebrimbor's anger is not a small thing and he will not give it up.)

The Hobbits, on the other hand, would be delightful company. Bilbo and Frodo are always welcome in my presence; in my home. Uncle Maglor has made it clear that the former enjoys his tales and I have many tales to offer!

I am only sorry that they suffered. They should have stayed, safe, in their Shire.
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Are you sure?

I have always enjoyed your tales, Tyelpe. Watching how your creative mind turns is a particular joy.
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[Undaunted, Sauron reaches out to brush fingers over the elf's cheek.]

Then why do I not believe you?
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[He only steps closer. The answer is simple- never~]

Only your hroa is deceased. Your fea will forever exist, and that is what I see when I look at you. What I hear.
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Yet see and hear I do! Not even you can alter that fact. [Aaaand closer~ Amusement tugs at his lips.]

Though I also hear a request for my companionship where you have settled in for a time, before Mandos calls you back.