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let's get that theme song stuck in everyone's heads

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! This is sooo exciting! I thought meeting the nephews and the Donald Duck would be the best experiences in my life, but now you're telling me I could literally go on hundreds of adventures anywhere and everywhere? Best! Day! EVER!

... Oh wow, maybe I'll even get to try candy for the first time! Grandma's always kept me from sugar - and basically every single form of thrill imaginable - but if I got away with my first adventure, then I definitely think I can handle a lollipop or two.

What are we just standing around here for? Let's get moving! TO THE FUN!

((OOC: spoilers possible in comments!))
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I'm not sure you really need sugar...
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Maybe with some deep, calming breaths...

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That was amazing!

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[Feel free to notice that someone sort of sounds like Uncle Scooge]

Adventures are the best thing ever.

[Ten always enjoys the refreshing thrill of the spark of first times. First adventures. First time being inside the Tardis]

Here. Try a jelly baby.

[A jelly baby is basically a jelly bean but in the shape of a bear]

Now - why don't you tell what happened on your first adventure.
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YES :D and apparently season 2 is already being worked on :3

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[Ten continues to grin widely and his shining. Yup- that sounds like how he makes friends. Just runs into them - almost literally sometimes]

That sounds brilliant. Completely brilliant.

[Offers her another jelly baby]

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sorry for the late

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is okay

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Have ye told yer grandmother?
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With the truth and no' a lie.

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My sister from another species

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...You've never tried candy?

[Sorry, it's taking him a minute to actually process that. What kind of kid hasn't tried candy??? He isn't even an actual kid and he has.]

Well... I think you should do both!

[Go on adventures and try candy, he means. The adventuring doesn't always work out but she seems like the type that could handle just about anything.]
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Candy's great!

Why won't your grandma let you have sugar? It's just sweet stuff.
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Oh, wow.

I don't really have any family. I mean, I've got an adoptive family somewhere else, but---let's just say, things usually aren't boring.

Which is good, I don't deal well with boring.

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[Whaaaaaaaaat.] You've never had sugar?! Why's your Grandma ackin' all cray-cray?

[A triumphant pose, however.] I can solve allll your problems! Stick with me, kid, and we'll have Mabel juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
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Pffff. [She offers a big, pink, sparkly glass of ...something. It may have plastic dinosaurs in it.] Here, try this!
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[oh no it's a duck wearing a tiny bow this is??? even sort of cuter than the one wearing a top hat????]

You should have lollipops. I like the red ones.
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[GAAAAAAAAASP!] You've NEVER before?! How are you still alive?!?!?!