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ducktales theme intensifies

Look, I'm glad you like my new tv show, and all, but I'm not sure planning to stay up for 24 hours to watch the whole marathon is a very... healthy... idea... Sleep is important! You should get it when you can.
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Pfff, sleep. Who needs it! I get by on a healthy four hours a night. [Which is probably because of Mabel juice....]
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Bedtime schmedtime! It's summer break!
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Of course I do! [Talking to ducks? Pfff. She's done weirder.] Oh! Ohmygosh, do you know Ducktective???
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Ducktective. Only the star of the best TV show, like, ever.
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Tell them they won't be missing much, it's just the same episode played over and over!
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At least she has good taste?
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[she's a little excited.]
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Sweet! This is so going on the board, after I laminate it.

Anyway HIII! I'm Webbigail Vanderquack but everyone calls me Webby! ... Well, not everyone, my social life mostly consists of grandma and mister Scrooge, but I'd really like it if you called me Webby! ... Or sidekick?

[hint hint hint hint hint]
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[my mickey muse gives the side-eye]

Aw, c'mon! Can't I be like your... side-side-kick?
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EVEN BETTER! My first friends and they're the coolest ducks around, related to the even SUPER COOLEST ducks around! I'm luckier than Gladstone Gander!
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Oh, oh, while I have you, can you teach me some of your moves?
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You know, how you take down the baddest of the bad guys! Grandma taught me taekwondo and karate, but I bet you have your own unique butt-kicking style!
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Oooh, I see what you're saying...

Time to inhale some growth hormone supplements!

[listen don she's going to keep finding worse and worse loopholes]
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High-heels? Stilts? Leg extension surgery? ... Might need grandma to co-sign on that last one.
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Awww, you mean I have to wait even more? I've already waited years for something exciting to happen!
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Looks like your mun and mine could both use the same advice. She stayed up ALL NIGHT for that thing! [Donald... tread very, very carefully regarding the looks of your beloved.]
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Oh Donald, what a sweetheart! I hope this time I get to see you and the boys. You know how much I love Huey, Dewey, and Louie and spending time with you.