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вєndч thє dαncíng dєmσn ([personal profile] encre) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-08-11 06:12 pm

ch.3 teaser

Guess there's a few things you gotta rethink, huh, buddy?

See, this is the problem when you start hashin' out details before the whole production's even halfway finished. I ain't even physically how ya thought I was.

Oh, sure, you can fudge it wit' a few technicalities. Ain't gonna make you right, though.

I like the whole freakishly tall bit, though. You can keep that part in. Better'n bein' Shorty McShortStuff.

And you bet'cha I'm lookin' forward to chasin' you around again. That part's always fun.

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