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ch.3 teaser

Guess there's a few things you gotta rethink, huh, buddy?

See, this is the problem when you start hashin' out details before the whole production's even halfway finished. I ain't even physically how ya thought I was.

Oh, sure, you can fudge it wit' a few technicalities. Ain't gonna make you right, though.

I like the whole freakishly tall bit, though. You can keep that part in. Better'n bein' Shorty McShortStuff.

And you bet'cha I'm lookin' forward to chasin' you around again. That part's always fun.
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Oh, your mun ran in without thinking too, huh.


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Yeah, that's what happened here, too. They're not that bright, and then they get grumpy when they need to rethink things. Like they didn't do it to themselves, seriously...

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Remind me again how many chapters they're planning on making?

[Look, another person from a semi-developing canon.]

[Well, his game's complete, but the mangas have so much more context.]
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[Another half-heartedly wave. This is going to an 'early/unfinished canon anonymous club, isn't it?]

"In the end, characters are written to drive the story; r-regardless of how well you know of their motivations, i-it's easy to flip the script and have them do something you would never have anticipated during their introduction, if it's to direct the plot the way it's supposed to go."

[Another hapless shrug.]

"... A little difficult to do that, when you're missing most of the story in the first place. But. Um. I.. I think that's part of the appeal? At the very least, writing us early... it's something of an experience they would never have had, had they waited."

[He thinks a moment.]

"Your mun isn't just seeing.. you, but the potential of you, all you could be! They might never have dared to explore further, had they not picked you up, until they learned a complete version. So that- that's worth.. something??"
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"Well, of course. No one likes having to start over."

[God knows he has to do it enough himself, every time Demencia bursts in unannounced and wrecks one of his projects.]

"That is a minor setback.. b-but look at it this way- sometimes you have to do something the wrong way to learn to do it right?"
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[Flug nods at that, mildly flinching at the sight of that smile-- quite the set of teeth you got there Bendy.]

"I-It does make it difficult to answer questions, when you yourself can only be so sure of the answer."

[Of course it would be ideal to wait until something was perfect, but life was often too rushed for such luxuries. There would always be more deadlines and urgent matters that required immediate tending to. For Time being a man-made structure, you would think humans would be better at not enslaving themselves to it.]

"I suppose it boils down to the need to discover something first? I-if they don't push the envelope, others will. Then they might regret their.. hesitance."

[It's the sort of mindset he can almost respect, as a mad scientist.]

"Everyone fancies themselves something of a trailblazer in their trade, don't they?"
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[He slumps his shoulders.]

"Suffering is a part of the business."

[Be it the business of Villainy or in simply being a muse.]

"I-in any case, hopefully you won't be stuck in this Limbo for long."
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"Oh, I don't know if I'd go as far as to say all creators. 505 and I--"

[Onnnnn second thought, perhaps telling a potentially homicidal in demon you created organic life attempting to make a superweapon proooobably isn't the smartest idea.]

"Th-think it's terrible! Yup. R-recklessly trying to harness the power of creation s-sure is the worst."
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You sound like a squeaky toy.

[In the animated bit at the start, of course. Also their voice is tight, in that trying-not-to-laugh way.]
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[They...do. Sort of. It's less a full laugh and more a strangled, drawn-out hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa that leaves them sounding like a squeaky toy.]

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...Why that?

[Did squeaky toys even exist in the 19-whatevers, they wonder.]
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It doesn't fit. The in-charge person shoulda noticed.