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Youkai of the Ice ~ Cirno ([personal profile] kicksomeice) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-08-10 11:33 pm

cirno what are you doing AGAIN?! (still voice testing)

Hey, mun! Let's pick up the pace, huh? How am I going to prove to everyone that I am THE STRONGEST IN ALL OF GENSOKYO while you're sitting there slacking off?! Get me into a game this time, stat! Memes are great but you already flaked last time so maybe some drive will get you going!


Hooooh, you're right. Now that we're in a new place, there's plenty of different universes out there. ...In that case...

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...What sort of fight? You obviously don't have any Pokémon, and I'm not a physical battler...
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*...A contest?*

Yeah, I'm afraid I'll have to decline. I'm not the competitive sort.

*Ladies, gentlemen and distinguished guests, Kanto's League Champion.*
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What, you're like. Eight? Adults go to jail for hitting kids, you know.
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Oh shit, are you from one of those cartoons? Is this a sting? I'm not about that life, I swear. I like my ladies looking like they've graduated wayyy more grades than just preschool.
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Okay! [...Might want to back out of this one.] Just one question before we start: what's a Gensokyo?
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So are you one of those bad guys who wants to take over the world? [He might be terrible with words, but those are usually the sort of people talking about "conquest" or "conquer" or whatever.]
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Don't you think you should settle down? I know getting to be playable in a major game can be quite the excitement rush, but I'm worried you're going to get us all into trouble...
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Does that... really count?
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I guess there's no arguing with that, huh?

Well, anyways, I suppose congratulations are in order. If I get you some ice cream, will you stop picking fights with strangers?
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You... really don't want to issue a challenge like that here.
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You hail from Jusenkyo?

[He misheard you.]

If I win the fight, will you tell me how to break the curse of the drowned duck?