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Christ, here we go.

Are you really trying this again? You barely got it started the last time.

It's kind of exhausting getting pulled back and forth like this. I know I'm only relevant to your head space, but come on already.

And you're trying again to put me into games? Yeah. I'm sure that would go well. You know just how pleasant I am.
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Not entirely unpleasant.

[Cynical as ever, though. Trying not to doki too hard in a public place.]

Hello, Ceren.
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So I've been told.

[He stiffens a bit at the man's last comment. It would be difficult for him to admit the same with the potential of so many eyes on them. But he offers Ceren a slight nod anyway, lips even threatening a small smile.]

It is always nice to see you, Ceren.

[Hey, look over there! A change of subject!]

You might be surprised to hear me say this, but the world into which I have been thrust this time around is not as miserable as I might have originally imagined.

[This might be his way of saying that he wouldn't really mind if you were to show up there at some point - but he won't say so out loud (yet).]
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In my defense, the setting of the last proposed "game" was quite a bit...[How do we put this?]...darker.

Though, this one is not without its trials.

[Zombie attacks, devastating flood waters, and giant fire serpents to name a few.]

Or its idiots.

[Now, those, he could name a lot of.]
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[Again, D33 stiffens at man's words. He hadn't really considered the idea that Ceren might show up in that world. If he were to, there would be no telling what might (or might not) develop between them. It's a painful thought, even if he won't admit so here.]

There is no telling what might happen there.

[A general statement of the truth.]

Suffice to say, I am still adjusting. I suppose I will be for quite a long time, should things continue as they have been.

[It's a rather grim statement. He knows himself - better here than he does there. He knows how hard it is for anyone to get close to him. He knows that he has no desire to get close with anyone. And he knows that Ceren will be no exception.]

All I can tell you, Ceren, is that your consent will have little to do with it.

I suppose we will just have to see how things end up.

[He can only hope that you two will find a similar end, but he knows that there is no guarantee. D33 certainly isn't a "love conquers all" type of person - he's new to the idea overall, anyway. But Ceren had pushed him to it in the first place. Perhaps he could find a way to do so again. As much as D33 might not want to admit it, the idea of having him there at all is a bit comforting. At least in this setting where he can think so clearly.]
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[It isn't until D33 feels his fingers slowly releasing the fabric from the hem of Ceren's shirt that he realizes he was holding onto it at all. Had anyone else touched him that way - grabbed him by the back of his neck, dared to come so close to his face - the result would have no doubt been catastrophic for the party in question.

[Not Ceren. Sweet Ceren. Always leaving D33 frozen in place like this, staring forward while his brain desperately tries to buffer in response to a tender touch. It's almost enough to leave D33 reaching for him as he pulls away, but instead the man simply steps back and clears his throat, shifting his eyes to the ground and nodding. Awkward partner is right. He's just barely able to lift his gaze long enough to scan the area in hopes that no one of significance had seen the small exchange.

[Still. He's thankful for the contact, however fleeting, and silently, some deeply buried part of him wishes that it would come again.

[Of course, he would never say so out loud. Not here. Instead:]

Careful, my--

[He stops himself short of saying something. More awkward throat clearing.]

You never know who might be watching.
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[Duo, flickering into view, glances up from reading his newspaper.]

Hm? Oh, no. Don't stop on my account.
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[Who, indeed.]

Ignore him.

[Who invited you? Your mun literally invited him, D33.]
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[Duo gestures vaguely at the struck text, because this is d_p and I've decided his genre savvyness is turned up to 11.]

Look Deedee, I don't make the rules! I'm as much at the whim of the cruel gods as you. They just like me more.
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[It's true.

[Well, if Duo can see through the striked text, then.

[Is it possible to glare at one's own mun?]

This is becoming absurd.
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It's definitely possible, Heero glares all the time.

[Duo shrugs, still reading the last Majority Report. Blue, you're a mess. But that's okay. Everyone's a mess in here.]

The word you're looking for is 'meta'.
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[Dear God, Duo, don't try to turn this into a lesson.]
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Too late! Okay, so have you ever read a book--

You've read fiction before, right? I'm just making sure, you were raised by wolves or whatever.
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I was not raised by wolves.

[He loves books, Duo. Especially fairy tales. Even the Little Mermaid (He really likes the Little Mermaid).

[More glaring.]

I had a collection of them while I was growing up. It was some of the only entertainment we had underground.

[A weak attempt at defending his special interests.]
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It's a joke, Jesus Okay anyway--

Seriously? The Little Mermaid, huh............. [He griiiiins like a shithead.]

Okay but anyway, imagine that you're inside that story, but you're referencing things outside of your story like you're aware of them. Or... that you're referencing your own story, from the point of view of someone reading it. That's 'meta'.

[But while we're on the topic of fairytales...] ...Hey. How about The Little Prince? Ever read that fairytale?
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Don't worry about it, kiddo. Just know the nutcases above the clouds think I'm hilarious.

Because I am. [He snaps his newspaper with a little jerk of the wrist, turns the page.]
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They don't really care how we feel, only that they have fun.
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Not yet, but I share with others who have been.
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Is it?

[Just, a blank look on her face.]

If you want. If I go or not is meaningless to me.
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I suppose, but I won't cry if I am forced into something else like a game.

I adapt. Learn. Make a new life with what is given.

[Sarah: Failing humaning since forever.]
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Do you not like attachments?
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Things are in motion. There was a lull in the energy field along with some personal tragedies. I care not to explain myself... besides, others do that for me anyhow. I was desynchronized by forces unknown. Possibly the effect of subversive elements. Reorientation is in progress.
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There are less pleasant people around than you.
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Hey now, picking up momentum slow and steady is no bad way t'go! It's better'n droppin' from sixty ta zero when a game just...flatlines out from under you, y'know?

Unless you been there, too?
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Nooooo that's the worst! Even more than when a game stops when it's just getting good! You gotta be a real self motivator to get back up and keep goin' after stuff like that.

So what flipped the switch for you?