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Peter Quill ([personal profile] zunesareawesome) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-08-10 02:09 pm

Guardians Inferno is a gift

It's David Hasselhoff, not Zardu Hasselfrau!

That robot at the end was pretty sweet though.
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I don't even want to know.
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Are you feeling all right? You're looking somewhat... Strange.
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Ah hmmm. Well, if you insist.

What's this about Hasselhoff, now? No, forget him. I want to know about this robot. Better than me?

[It's a trap! There's only one correct answer here, Peter]
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[KITT sniffs a little at that]

I find that to be an acceptable answer. He was a very good dancer, I will say that.

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... That is of course what I meant. Certainly.
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You're welcome. And I must say, it's nice to be remembered, so thank you for that. [KITT has no idea WHY this young man seems to know him, but he won't complain, and he'll introduce himself anyway - it's only polite]

May I ask your name? Mine is KITT.
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And you are... you. But I still thank you. You flatter me, and that is always welcome.

It's extremely nice to meet you, Peter. Ah, Star-Lord, Guardian of the Galaxy? May I ask about that...?
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If you're not careful, you may manage to find a way to make me blush. [Really though, he's so, SO pleased]

Really? You've saved the entire galaxy twice and you're admiring me? I think you need some perspective, Peter. You have my absolute gratitude for your service to the galaxy. I don't think I could possibly consider you an outlaw if you've done that.

[He'll just have to deal with KITT continuing to call him Peter]
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What you on about?
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Well that's a capital offense to get his name wrong. Can't say I have seen the video though.
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You maybe. Unless she can reach through plasma.
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I'm the Human Torch pal. I can literally be on fire if I so desire. Hey that rhymed.
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Never heard of the Fantastic Four? Well shucks. It's more like a field of plasma around me. But I can also control fire itself.
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It's a family of superheroes. My sister, her husband and Ben. We have saved Earth several times and often fought against Dr. Doom.

You can than cosmic radiation for that one. [He replied with a smirk.] But yeah, it's really sweet.
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I like Hasselfrau better.
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We don't have to listen.
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Hasselhoff and his magic boat?

[ now she's teasing. ]
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[ she's smiling now. ]

What is a car anyways?
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Station wagons?

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now i have a visual of all the guardians in a station wagon. groot's head sticking out the sunroof!

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[ she looks amused. ]
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I am Groot!
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I am Groot!
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Aw, man. That was real?

I was really hoping it was a fever dream. I remember when things were like that. It was a no-good, very-bad scene. Trust me, I lived it. As a grown-up.
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[Weird. Tony Stark says he looks like someone too. He's just got one of those faces. Must be his wise old man beard. It's one-sided, anyway. Peter doesn't look much like Flynn's son. Maybe like, a little bit?]

The mainstream stuff? The pop music? And the clothes? Yeah, it was that bad. Looking back, I'm just glad I was never cool, because what was cool really wasn't, you know?
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[Well, he's not shaving it! The beard and some wrinkles are all he's got to set him apart from a genocidal dictator. Long story.]

Maybe I was. So what?

You like Journey? We can agree on Journey. The Eurythmics? What've you got, kid? Who are you sticking up for? [What's on your mixtape? Is it fire?]
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Far out. I should've done that. I don't know if my kid would've listened, but that's a really great idea your mom had. How about ELO? Electric Light Orchestra. Like, uh, Telephone Line. That's a mood song right there. Man, I wish I could've shared that one at just the right time. Cool or uncool when they came out, I guess it's all uncool now—this old stuff. I shouldn't be divisive.