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voicetesty af

I was not made for the games of treachery and cruelty they play in the capital, but I am pleased to see that my girls have adapted; that they play those games in their own ways, or have found ways around them. Sansa is so much like her mother. She is a stronger woman and more of a wolf than I ever could have imagined. Arya, on the other hand, always had more of that wild blood in her. I'm not sure that there is a swordsman alive who could best her now.

Bran has grown so--well beyond his years. I pray that he will be able to aid Jon in uniting the North with the Dragon Queen's army. I regret not telling him the truth, but if anyone can accomplish such a thing, it will be Jon.

I cannot put into words how proud they have made me. Winter has come, and the dead with it; but I have faith in my family, and in the men and women of the North.
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hey dad-in-law hey

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[with a lovely smile.] I'm sure your touching sentiment will give your children the resolve they need to push on and win. [sarcasm? no. he's 100% serious.]

Those of them who are still alive, of course.
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aw come on give him a hug

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[s h r u g] You always were soft, Stark. It's a wonder you lasted as long as you did.
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Restraint and compassion are not the currency of the realm. Power is.

I am dead solely because my army was overpowered by Lord Baelish's. It wasn't compassion which brought Winterfell back to the Starks. [He smirks.] It wasn't compassion which my dear Sansa showed me.
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I underestimated her. [That doesn't sit well with him.] She's watched two husbands die now... I think she's getting a taste for blood.

[Almost wistfully.] She could become the fiercest bitch of a ruler the North has ever seen.

[It's terrible, dad-in-law. He didn't realise what he had until it was gone.]
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[Court life in King's Landing interests him even less than all this talk of compassion and restraint. Sansa was betrothed to the little cunt Joffrey and then married the monster? What did it matter.]

Aye. One who'll teach her to be soft like her father. [Brightly.] Shall we pray she doesn't share your fate?
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I remember your words and live by your example, but I still become a Northern fool.
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A title I didn't ask for or want. I carry it because the North is my home.

But your blood doesn't run in my veins. How much of my life is actually true?
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[It is a great deal to take in and this isn't the place for such a private conversation. All he can do is absorb the knowledge and try to make sense of it all in his head.

But that's an impossible feat.]

Who is my father?
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Why did you keep the truth from him? [Hey, she is playing nice. Despite her slight scowl. Is there such a thing as a slight scowl?]
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And yet you still treated him as a son.

[ Jealous? Him? Nooo, never in all his life. ]
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Aye. How lucky you were that no one ever questioned him or his loyalties.
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...Father. (His words mean the world to her, but she also feels undeserving of them. She curtsies, head bowing.) The rest deserve your pride. I...do not.
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(She shakes under his touch, wanting to sob and fall apart. She knows she can with him. She is safe to do so. But has she not caused him enough misery?)

I treated you so poorly and then I betrayed you to the Lannisters! I am the reason you lost your head.
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(She hadn't really allowed him to be that close. She had thought herself grown and too mature for fatherly caresses. Oh how she regrets ever being so dreadfully naive! He will find no resistance now and she will even tearfully kiss one of his hands.)

He will meet an end similar to Joffrey's, I assure you. (Her blue gaze hardens with resolve.) He tried to use me by marrying me to Ramsay Bolton. I have not forgotten his trespass.

(Looking upon him makes her heart ache. She is a little girl again and all she wants is to curl up close to him and know he is alive and safe.)

Why are they so horrible? It's obvious King Robert was not the father. They look nothing like him.

(She touches his neck gently.) I made you sad nonetheless. I know why you had to kill Lady. You were keeping the peace and ensuring Arya was not punished. I was so selfish. Please forgive me?
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(He is not alone in that desire. She fears that if she lets go of him, he will disappear back into her memories.)

I trust no one. (Not even Jon or Arya or Bran. That will take time and a lot of effort on all of their parts. She has learned her lesson coldly and cruelly. Trust is not a given; it must be earned.) What befalls him will be his own doing; I will not help him out of the grave he has made himself.

(She has trouble finding her inner wolf. Her admiration for her siblings has only grown in their absence and if she can support them - and keep them safe - she considers her choices and actions worthwhile. Her wolf is only beginning to awaken, but she is fiercely protective of her home and her pack.)

Three children - all blonde - and not one takes after King Robert? The odds of that are faint! (She touches his cheek.) I like looking at her for that reason. She smiles like you too.

(Tucking herself against his chest, she settles there, listening to his heart.)

I am your daughter; that has never changed. King Robert was your friend. You expected better of him as a father.

(Fitting video.)
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You honor me beyond what I've ever hoped for, Father.

I'm sorry. Rickon... I'd failed him.

[ Robb's death was a hard blow, truly, but they had been at war. What Ramsay had done, on the other hand - what Jon failed and continues to fail to fully grasp - was a black mark that still plagues him in his sleep. ]
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Lord Stark. ( She has to swallow back the initial uncertainty of speaking to a man who'd risen up against her family and seen his best friend fell her eldest brother at the Trident. As she is beginning to see, as she has asked others to see, there is more to folk than mere appearances.

She takes a breath to steady herself, regal mask firmly in place as best it can be,m under the circumstances. Loss has nearly shattered her, and she cannot afford to do that now. )

You have every reason to be proud; I have never met a man so good before.

( A sad testament to her life, really, but she forges on; her mask slipping a little now as she gazes away. )

He has endured much, hasn't he?
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[A morose smile lingers upon Benjen's face once he sees his brother. He says nothing as he takes in his brother's appearance with such muted awe and reverence. How he missed you, Ned. He missed you probably more than anyone could ever realize. The old crow is known to keep his silence in matters close to his heart.

It's simply how he is.

Your faith in the North, your faith in our House was never misplaced even in the darkest of times.
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