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He knows where his canon stands.

Ah yeah, the long holding pattern between irrelevance and ironic vintage comeback
I'm gonna enjoy it
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haven't 2een thii2 ver2ion of you iin a whiile.

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ii2 that 2ome weiird attempt two get piity or ii2 there some kiind of troll-hiighlander thiing goiing on that ii don't know about.
and let2 be real here an 'anyone' ii2 hard two come by the2e day2.
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okay droppiing that topiic liike iit2 hot and here ii thought 2elf entiitled wa2 the 2triider way.

[Also he's not a 'kid,' but like hell he's going to actually voice that complaint.]

ii'm fiine ii gue22 ii'm not iin any horriible death game2 2o that2 a net po2iitiive a2 far a2 my liife goe2.
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[He doesn't get the punk rock comment so he just.... Ignores it.]

ii'm pretty 2ure game2 liike the kiind you're lookiing for don't exii2t. no actually ii'm po2iitiive they don't exii2t. even the game my alternate uniiver2e double ii2 iin ii2 bad new2 at lea2t 2ome of the tiime. though ii gue22 that2 more a gentle reamiing. ii2 that the kiind of poundiing your lookiing for?

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2ound2 deadly.
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you get used to it, fwiw