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canon is orphan black.

I suppose you think this a mercy compared to what might be in store. But you underestimate me. [ She pauses. ] You underestimate them.

[ What point is there in protesting this, in asserting her independence? Rachel knows how to live in a cage. She knows what it feels like to have another hand directing her every move and convince herself she acts on her own. It's all too well understood. So she moves on to negotiation. ]

However. There is one condition upon which my cooperation hinges. Before anything else, without compromise. Do you understand?

[ For just a second, it seems as though her lip might curl back, and her snarl cut through the practiced composure Rachel has cultivated within herself as she spits the words out -- but then she presses her lips close together, inhales and exhales silently through her nose. When she speaks, she forces all her rage out with complete calm, perfect enunciation. ]

I want it out.
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[ There's the kneejerk response — there's no cooperation or compromise in this particular equation, as much as any person likes to think they may be ultimately unmovable — and then there are the words that ultimately leave Ferdinand's mouth: ]

I suppose those are as reasonable terms as any.
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[ He looks at her the way he always does — too keenly, too close, his head tilting in a manner that'd be avian if it wasn't so calculated. ]

Too modest?
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Life finds a way, [ Ferdinand intones, with none of the pep that the quote generally warrants. ] Besides, it seems to be the season for surprises.