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kind-of-sort-of-spoilers for 7.4

So I fired on a massive flying lizard. What's all the fuss about?

It was being a cunt. I'd say it had it coming.
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Not many men have taken a dragon on and lived to tell the tale. I thought you were only interested in gold, a castle and a highborn wife, Ser Bronn.
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I think you're more loyal to the cause of House Lannister than you want to admit. Otherwise, why wouldn't you have been bought out by someone with more gold? House Tyrell had a lot of it.
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Winter's coming, Ser Bronn, and the other side has dragons. You might want to defect.

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...You shot a dragon?
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[Pod looks alarmed by the news, even if they're on opposite sides of the war. His lady will be very upset, and besides, Jaime Lannister had only ever been kind to him.]

Ser Jaime was roasted by the dragon?
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[He lowers his head because, opposite sides or not, that's awful. And he's Podrick. He cares.

His eyebrows shoot up when Bronn speaks of Jaime's exploits.]
That was very... [Stupid. It was stupid. But of course, he'd never say that about anybody, let alone Ser Jaime.] Brave. To charge a dragon head on and live to tell.

I suppose we'll be seeing the same in the North if King Jon can't make peace with Queen Daenerys.

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[Giant, disappointed alien princess is disappointed. All four arms folded so she can properly sulk and everything. If even humans get to fight dragons, she's honestly starting to wonder if she's cursed or something.]

It sounds like a reasonable course of action, then. I would have done the same.

[That or tried to punch it. Tetramands, man. Punch-happy nutjobs, the lot of them.]
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[ least whatever points he loses in decorum he makes up for in honesty. Unsurprisingly she does favor the blunt, direct approach in most conversation herself.]

That sounds even less enjoyable when you say it, and I've already met them.

[Jaime seemed boring, Cersei was...Cersei. But she might as well toss in an exemption for the other one.]

...I suppose the small one is tolerable. Exhausting at times, but he is not insufferable. But I am not so certain I would enjoy serving him.

[But that might be different when it comes to fighting. So far, all the one she knows has been up to is running a business with a marked lack of open warfare going on.]
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I hear they're very touchy creatures. Absolutely no sense of forgiveness whatsoever.

[Maybe you'll get eaten. That'd be nice.]
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[sighing] I'm afraid you've caught me without either dogs or wife. [he spreads his palms. what a tragedy]

She did take to it awfully well, didn't she? A true wolf bitch she is now. [he sounds genuinely proud]

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Let me guess; you'll be wanting two castles now?

[ Assuming you drag his sorry ass out of the river. Really, Bronn, all you had to do was ask if you wanted to go swimming that badly. ]
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Am I to call you Ser Bronn the Dragonslayer now?

[ She offers a small smile. ]

Just take care of yourself, please. And my uncles, both. Neither of them seem to fare that well on their own.
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You were on the wrong side. Stay still next time.
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He was listening to me. Did you not see me on his back?
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Did you hit the dragon?