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Looking at castmate's game. @driftfleet

Engineering, Personnel, or Security.

Well, each of them has its ups and downs, skill sets that I'm already somewhat used to. Do they need a chaplain? That falls under Personnel, doesn't it. Hrm.

Don't give me that look, I'm a perfectly good goddamn priest! Salve the stings of daily living, and all that stupid shit!

... Okay, fine, Engineering or Security, then.
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Don't be an engineer or you'll just keep breaking my ship if how you keep your bikes running is any indication on how well you'd do in that job.

At least when you suck at being a priest it won't leave us stranded in space.
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How do you live on a desert planet and call yourself even an amature mechanic without knowing how to take care of sand damage?!

[There is a long pause as he considers that.] Probably as much as I want the guy that controls gravity and broke my door over a prank to be our security officer. [He's not actually fussed either way.]
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Wolfwood, [Vash smiles.] I honestly don't care what job you have so long as you're there.
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[It's how Vash rolls.]

You couldn't even if you did try. Just don't damage the walls and send us flying into space.
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By the sound of it you'd make a worse priest than even me.

Well, maybe.