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Canon is Set the Thames on Fire not coming out.

[ He'd like to meet people but he's very scared of his boss finding out he left his little pink room. He's supposed to stay there and wait for customers. And- ]

They're going to make fun of me little pigtails too! Fuck off!
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Damn right we'll make fun of you. At least I will.

[He cups his hands around his mouth and hollers.]

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[This person's weird, but their job sounds an awful lot like his. Except he has a whole floor that's less pink and more grungy]

As a guy who looks like the love child of a grim reaper and a mummy, I guess that everyone's at least gonna do a double take. I just got used to it.
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[Zack's seen a whole assortment of different people where he works. Too bad almost none of them are happy to be there and most never make it out of the building alive.]

Thanks. I really needed to hear that cheap line for the billionth time.