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possible El Goonish Shive spoilers

Look, I'm flattered, really. But if you're gonna play me, you should really probably read up more on Pandora first. If all this took you by surprise, you've got a lot to learn first.

Not that I'm entirely sure what's going on either, but that's what Science is for! Or at least, asking my dad.

... Also yeah, I'm probably gonna stay in girl mode for a little while. That's okay, right?
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Girl mode? Did you fall into one of the Jusenkyo pools as well?

[He knows a guy with the exact same problem if that's the case.]
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Why would you want to do that to yourself on purpose?
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... So it backfired on you?

[You sound like you don't really have a choice here.]
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... So does someone else I know.

Only he can't actually control it.
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Perhaps. The transformations are based on water temperture, if that helps.

[He hasn't said anything, but he's also stuck with a similar curse and is actually considering using this weird technology to keep from turning into a duck.]
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[That's a quick response.]

Thank you.