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dusting off old muse

S'bout damn time, lady! Only took damn near two years- and now you're back knockin' at my door all of a sudden??

[if looks could kill...!!!]

Forget it. I'm not down for getting jerked around.

[Ryuuko didn't choose the thug lyfe etc etc. except she kind of did but.... details....]

The hell kinda greeting did yah really 'spect? I ain't kissin' no ass. If it's a heartfelt reunion you're lookin' for try picking a different character type.

[the tsun is stronk in this one.]
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You tell them. Weird mystery girl my mun seems to like. I have bettr crap to invent than being interested in their drama.
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I don't know about you, but I'm busy with engineering and spite. Mostly spite. And engineering. And roller skating, because skating is cool.

My mun's just shoving me at memes, now, like I have infinite time for her crap.
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Please. I would just invent some kind of third, pie throwing hand in that case.

It Least mine's avoiding that icky sex stuff. Not that she wants to.

Yeah, I'm looking into your gross brain.

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Well, if it's ass-kissing you want~
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[ yes ;) ]

But I'd rather fuck on!

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And here I would think two years would be enough beauty sleep to clean up your act a little.

[Insert melodramatic sigh here.]

Where did I go wrong with you~?
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You do have a filthy mouth.

[Just... ignore that lilt in her voice. Best not to think about it.]

You take after your father there.

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Aren't we the spirited one?
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Oh nothing, just that you remind me of a few classmates of mine

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Kissin' ass is part of the fun though.

[Insert smarmy smirk.]
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Don't knock till ya tried it girl!

[He's laughing though. This chick seems like fun. Rascal King-mode engage!]

Sometimes havin' a bit if humility ain't gonna hurt none.

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(She will glomp you if you don't move, fyi.)

Wow, two years? Feels like it's been much longer.
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Hello, Ryuko-chaaaaaaaaa...
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[Record screech.]

Wait. Another me already beat me here, didn't she? Shit.

Oh well, can't ignore professional courtesy. I'll just be on my way...
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Don't worry, other me, I'm sure you'll get her next time!