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New character || Voicetesting || Canon: Camp Camp

This is fucking stupid. You're stupid, like David. I'm not going to like anything. If that's what you're hoping, you're going to be proven wrong.


Oh. You want me to hate everything. Well fuck you too then.

Isn't this kidnapping? Where are the police when you need them?
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Been meaning to watch your show. I like what I've seen

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"Hmm not quite kidnapping, I guess technically it's more of a mind control? I've yet to really.. deter.. mine..."

[Oh. Oh a child. This really is not his scene. Uh....]

"I have it on good authority that this place lacks that-- erm authority, that is-- but you should be quite safe?"
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Oh! You know me :3 yes I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Well till we do, huzzah for obscure voicetests

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[Why? Why is every time he goes somewhere the first thing out of people's mouths is--]

"It's not just a bag! I-its more of a headwear apparatus f--"

[He wrings his hands.]

"I-- l-look, my state of dress is not important!"
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[First his own world's punching bag, and now that of an adolescent. What is his life? This is why it's so much better to be feared instead part of normal society!]

"My. Business."

[Flug Huffs. He doesn't have to take this, tiny child!]

"Or did it ever occur to you there are other reasons people might hide their identity? I work for Supervillains, you know.

Now. Did you have anything ELSE to ask about?"
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"Yes. CLEARLY my 'CHARACTER' wore paper to ABSORB its 'POWER'."

[Flug husks bitterly. Whatever. If it gets the kid to stop talking about it.]

"While that last part is highly debatable, it appears you're right..."

[He sighs]

"Nevertheless you're stuck here for the moment. I-is there anyone you should be looking for?"

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Wow, my mun was right, you are just like my uncle on a bad day.
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[In the flattest voice possible.]

Well, at least you're not screaming.
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We prefer the term morph, a Furry is a guy in a costume.

And no.
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Yeah uh... No. [Ew Max! You're what, 10, why do you know this stuff!] That's kind of illegal. And I'd make them regret it.

My name's Helgi, You're Max right?

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//Slides on on in here

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I dunno Max, any place where you can meet Godzilla and that one spikey headed guy from Star Wars in the same place can't be all bad.
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That's the spirit!

My mun person says this place and others practically runs on bad crossover fanfiction, because they're all DORKS.

Mine's thinking of taking me to a place were I can turn into a monster! Oooo, I hope I turn into something cool! Like a werewolf, or one of those weird statue things that stay on the tops of churches, not like my dad...who tried to jump off of one after mom left...again.
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It's too bad Neil isn't here. These nerd things would be right up his alley, after hyperventilating and passing out anyway.
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And one of those dimensions is Star Wars! This is all practically a nerd wet dream. Which is all pretty creepy when you stop to think about it.

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Oh don't be like that kid, after all, you never know what opportunities you may have here.

Yes. So many opportunities with which to gain the power to rule the universe! HAHAHAHA!
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Just getting back in the swing of things with RPing.

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O'Malley, cool it. You're scaring the kid.

Good. If I am to reclaim my position, we all need to start somewhere... even if its as lowly as scaring children.

Well, I see your logic, but... I'm not getting into it. Look, kid, it's perfectly alright, I won't let O'Malley hurt you.

Muhehehe. I don't know what scenario is more amusing. You deluding yourself into believing you have control over an AI with FAR grander capabilities than you could ever hope to dream? Or that you are in complete control of what is simply a coping mechanism, and thus this is all your fault?

Uh... well... Mun, what's the deal with us.

(*whistles innocently*)