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( season three spoilers )

[ a drumming of his fingers, and a sigh, and a crossing of his arms. he looks irritated, annoyed, frustrated, but he keeps it all together.... significantly well, considering that ending.

leave it to that damn witch.

lotor eventually does speak, but his tone sounds relatively disaffected, considering: ]

Sunday dinner is going to be awkward.

[ his takeover and reformation of the empire would have been a lot simpler had the idiot psychotic megalomaniac of an old man just gone and died already, and taken his stupid antiquated lions with him.

what an inconvenience. ]
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I was wondering who'd post about season 3 first and EEK LOTOR <3

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[ Why is her player sending her here? She really doesn't get it...

Well, she might as well try to make nice with conversation. So have a tiny red-headed OC to talk to, Lotor. ]

Sunday dinner?

[ ... Not that she really knows how to open, because some traditions are still completely lost on her. Maybe if someone bothered to explain it to her she wouldn't be so lost all the time. ]

Uhm... I suppose I should say it is good to meet you, sir. I take it, from my player's ah... Excited reaction, you are new here?
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It doesn't help that she's good friends (to say the least) with Keith in the game she's in lol

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I have not been given a name nor any knowledge of you, so not knowing is mutual in all honesty. My name is Adela.

[ She nods to him, at least giving that much courtesy because it's not like he's deserved her being rude or the like. ]

It can be interesting to meet in a place like this, and I know I have met others in far worse situations. And, truthfully, it is likely safe to say that you are not even the worst I have met here.

[ She really might not know better, though. Just who is at a disadvantage again? ]
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I would say both, though far more often it is a question of character than of situation. There do not seem to be a lot of "world-conquering villains" as you put it, but she does seem to like forcing me to deal with such people on a regular basis. Or, at the very least, respected commanders under them.

[ Long suffering sigh here, she might have had too many close calls and stressful experiences for her taste. ]

But it is good to meet you as well, Lotor. You actually do seem far kinder than many I have come across before. I must say it is a pleasant change.
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I suppose they can be good memories and should be cherished, especially with what can be learned from them. I know I have learned much from arriving at places that gather a great many people from such strange worlds, and it is always an interesting experience -- both the good and the bad.

[ She'll finally offer a more warm expression, smiling and allowing herself to relax a little. ]

I am in such a place now, where a great many people wake from their homes and arrive in a living city, accepting some sort of calling and desire to be there. It... It was strange, difficult to accept at first, but it is a place where reality can bend to one's will. That the city itself has a will of its own can force one to keep on their toes.
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enchantressofore: Thanks to Tarot for the B/W bases! (I wonder what my uncle is doing...)

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The city itself, from what I can see, is far too powerful to bend to any individual's rule and leaves us to our own devices, providing the occasional gifts for us or at times causing us mischief. I would not say there is a government to speak of, or if there is one I have not seen it.

It can often change a great many of us at a time should it wish to, addling our minds or changing our bodies. I was suck in the body of a cat for a week because of it while many others were changed into different animals and unable to return to our own bodies until it allowed us, just to give an example of what it can do.

[ A pause, and she adds onto it. Enjoy the meta-plot infodump for The Wake? ]

But... It does not seem to stop some from trying to rule over it, though the one instance I am seeing now is provoking rebellion in a great many of us. Some individuals can become exceedingly powerful with their will, but in the face of many opposing them I would hope we at least stand a chance or stopping him.
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[ In spite of herself she can't help huffing a laugh, shaking her head at it. ]

Very few of who I met are what many would consider heroes, and the ones who are would ill like it if you or anyone else referred to them as such. But I suppose there comes a time when such people are needed.

I doubt I will remember such a conversation upon returning there, but if I may ask for your thoughts on the matter Lotor? Of what you would do about such a thing happening to you, or those important to you.

[ There might be a part of her that's worried that her defiance actually is a little foolish or needless... ]
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I feel bad for siccing her on him...

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Well it ain't Sunday dinner unless it's awkward. Those two things kinda have ta go together.
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Yer probably right! Usually most people's idea a' awkward is my idea a' fun.

[Grins. It's really hard to tell if she's joking or not.]

The name's Harley Quinn! So what's yours, tall purple an' handsome?
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[can she just... punch him now? she'd really like to just punch him now.

no? ugh. fine.]
Hard to imagine why. The coup's not endearing you to mom and dad?
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[rude?? as fuck????] Sorry, I already have a job with people who aren't complete dicks.


And I think I'd prefer not to know where I came from if I had your family.
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I think it matters more what we do when we're here.

--And I have a name. [Being called Black Lion is weirdly unsettling, especially since she still kind of thinks of Black as Shiro's still.]
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lmk if the ALL CAPS is too obnoxious

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[ in contrast to lotor's general aura of "fml," here's a skeleton who's practically screaming enthusiasm and goodwill. ]

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[Truly Lotor is the benevolent type.]


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Can nothing change that frown upside down?

[The fairy giggles somewhat impishly. He's bound to be a pest.]

You look terribly grim.
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Purple conquerors gotta stick together.

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Well, I for one think that such an opportunity for a family to reconnect is a wonderful idea! Sit down, enjoy nice food, catch up...
Lock all the exits, poison the food, serve them Red Bull in wine bottles...
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You have no idea how badly I just want to tag Lance asking him about his shampoo choice.

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I was gonna say that you probably couldn't beat out some of mine back home, but then I took a sec and realized.


This is one victory I'm definitely giving to you.
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Prince Lotor more like Prince Oh No He's Hot

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[The hell is with her mun right now, honestly. So it's a purple alien prince, big deal. Ah well.

Have a positively massive alien princess in full battle regalia up in here. Zethrid ain't got shit on the four-armed battle tank that is Looma.]

And that is your idea of a problem? Let it be awkward. Make your opinion clear and stand by it.

[also maybe let her fight Zethrid she really wants to fight Zethrid, you don't even know, Lotor]
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So like, don't go? Seriously, awkward family dinners are the worst. Better make some other plans and pretend you always had them.

And hey, if you need some emergency plans on Sunday, I'm sure I might be able to find time in my busy schedule for you.

[ said with a flirty smile and a toss of her hair for good measure. ]
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