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John Laurens ([personal profile] workingon3) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-08-05 10:05 pm

Regarding the most recent episode of AMC's Turn

 Yet ANOTHER retelling of Yorktown where I am not present.

Oh suuuuure, Lafayette mentioned my name at one point, but why not ACTUALLY SHOW ME????

And I don't care if the show decided long ago to combine me and Tallmadge into the same person. We ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON, I don't know if you're aware. Just because we both hate goddman Lee with a passion don't mean we're the same damn person. Where was I during that surrender scene? Don't these damn writers know how important my historical counterpart was in all that? There's Lafayette, Alexander, Tallmadge... Where's John Laurens? Apparently invisible, that's where.

'Laurens is in South Carolina' indeed. At least I'm on the dang stage during that song, unlike this trainwreck of a show. They should rename the thing to Abraham Woodhull's Culper Variety Show Power Hour. 

[someone is exceedingly bitter today, it seems.]
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[There's an amused snort, but.] Per'aps they feared they could not do justice to your shining example, mon ami?