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So Mun saw Guardians of the Galaxy finally...

OK. Sure we may have something in common, Star-Prince and me. But I'm not following up on what you're planning. I may technically be an outlaw, if you'd finally get things straight, but I do have my reasons for going AWOL. Neither which are pleasant. So why me? Why not that fuse guy? Johnny?
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Oh really? And it's Star-Lord, dude. Not Star-Prince.
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Well, your Mun has excellent taste. If they compare you to me, then I guess you can't be half-bad. You got your own ship?
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That's close enough for me. And sucks, bro. I know what it's like to lose your ship. Or at least have it really, really beat up.
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Ouch. I couldn't be a soldier, man. Taking orders sucked enough with the Ravagers.