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on being considered at [community profile] driftfleet

Wait, so I'm gonna go to space?! [She's definitely imagining something like Robot Unicorn Attack, judging from how big her eyes have gotten.]

Can I bring Waddles? Will Dipper be there? He better, he'll be so mad he won't get to be a dork about space stuff. [--Also because it's just -- weird when Dipper's not around. She'll pine, even if she's not gonna admit it.]

Ohmygosh, will I get to meet cute space guys???
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I was already logged in to her so DISNEY PARTY???

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That sounds exciting! I know what stars look like from Earth, but I bet they're even prettier when you're there with them!
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[ And here Philip will be just staring at his own player, wondering why she's making him talk to this kid.]
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[ Oh christ. Okay. He'll humor this infant kid. ]

Philip Hamilton, pleasure to meet ya. [ he takes her hand and kisses it like the Gentleman he is (sometimes). ] However I'm thinkin' you're a little too young t'be the girl of my dreams. I do have some younger bros who'd probably love to meet you.
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Ain't no party like a Disney party

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[Oh she is adorable, he is gonna adopt the HECK out of her. ]

The stars are a wonderful please to be, ma cherie. And there are a lot of "cute space guys" for you to enjoy.
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Mais oui! That is a side effect of being French.

[There's a pause here. Wow. Just right to the murder huh. You okay there kid :| ]

Um- no. I generally don't go about chopping people's heads off. I am a lover not a fighter.

...And I honestly have no idea who that is.

[Who the hell is Conan Doyle?]
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[He gets it, he's had a weird...well, decade, but still.]

Oh- were they under a curse too? [IS THERE MORE OF THEM?!!! ] I have a trick or two under my currently non-existent sleeves, yes.
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Is that where you are from? Gravity Falls?

[Weird name. ]

That is most helpful of you, mademoiselle! I am sure between us, we can create a real page turner, no?
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Oh...that is somewhere in the colonies, yes?

[Sorry, Mabel, he's still trying his best to understand America in general. ]

You do? Marvellous! The Fleet really does need more artists.
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Guys in space aren't that cute. [Guys they brought with them to space don't count.]
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Real space isn't like Star Wars.

[kietha why are you trying to ruin this child's hopes and dreams]
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I'm sure you'll have an amazing time, Mabel.
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Well, even if you can't, you're an incredibly resourceful girl!
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[Robot unicorn attack? How about just a real one?]

And who is Waddles?
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[She's more powerful and not so much as nicer just... less mean? She just is. But Mabel is a maiden, Unicorn loves maidens. She comes over and gently nudges Mabel's cheek, sensing that she's on guard.]

I am sure you and he have a wonderful relationship.
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Are you not excited to be going to space, Mabel?