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He's not really happy with me right now...

So, you're seriously considering this 'game' thing huh?

Must we? I'm enjoying just lounging around and not doing anything...


No tuna and only diet kibble? You're mean.

...Fine. [Long suffering sigh]

Find somewhere that's not too violent and I'll give it a try.

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[Nita would pass without commenting, but something about that forehead mark strikes her as familiar.]

You wouldn't happen to know someone named Luna, would you?

[She misses that extraordinary cat; when they shared a game, Luna was one of Nita's friends.]
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Er - in Nautilus.

[Aka The Wake, the game she's in.]

But... that was a year ago. She went back to Sleep to check on her world, and I haven't seen her since.

I- I'm sorry if I'm just getting your hopes up for nothing.

[Nita misses her too.]

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Statistically speaking tuna is bad for cats in large doses. But then I'm a dog owner.
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Specifically speaking? Neither are dogs but Spike has magic and he talks.

Uh yes, he's sitting behind me.

[Oh HAI ARTEMIS! Spike looks very interested in you.]

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[On hearing about the kibble]

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Mrrreep! [Shuffles back, startled, looking up at the kitty, its shoebutton eyes blinking rapidly]

[Recovering, pads closer and waves one webbed paw]

Mwee-mee! [As if to say 'Hello!']

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Aw come on Artemis! You're one of the bravest cats I know! Almost as brave as Luna! [BIAS? WHAT BIAS!?]

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C'mon, Artemis! Where's your sense of adventure?
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[Oh snap, it's one of the OG magic talking cats! Hummy would probably feel humbled if she realized. As it currently stands, though, she's more distressed about your food situation than anything.]

Nyawahahaha, your mun wouldn't really put you on only diet kibble, would they??

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Cheer up, little guy. At least you're not collecting dust.

[A talking cat, huh? Angeal honestly doesn't seem too bothered by it. Then again, he's seen weirder.]
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Ha, well my mun's telling me to tell you that you shouldn't be eating tuna too often anyway. It's like humans and sweets.

As for the game stuff, does you mun have somewhere in mind yet?

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There's diet kibble?

( She makes a face at that, trying to picture how it might taste. Regular cat food already smells so bad... what does diet kibble smell like? )

Whenever you get into a game--( Chibiusa speaks as if it's a guaranteed thing, don't mind her.)--be sure to tell your caretaker you're allergic to it. They can't feed you something you're allergic to, right?

( This is a foolproof plan, even if it's deceitful. )

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No tuna and diet kibble?

[ What a harsh taskmaster.]

I don't see a problem with this.

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You can't lay around doing nothing all of the time, Artemis. That's how you end up on those kinds of diets.

[Take some advice from your better half.]

What sort of places is your mun looking at?