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on this sunday's impending Dark Tower viewing...

Okay, I think we swapped places. How are you less fucked up about it than I am, now? That doesn't make any sense, even if most of those articles were written by the same people who don't know who Maturin is and think that somehow means that he shouldn't help the Losers Club

(even though it's obvious they need his help)

But I know anything is anything
and it's only me if it's Me
and if it's Not, it's someone else with the same name

Which should be a lot more common, sharing a name instead of sharing an...everything else.

I'm sorry you missed the nineteens last night, though. Something else will add up.

It always does.
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My little kas-ka Gan and I hope we'll be in the films, if only as a beggar-boy that turns spider when startled or summat.
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'You are allowed to pity him a little.' Not that you ever will, for it is the nature of brothers to be rivals.

I wish I had never touched poor Mia, say true. I was new and I was hungry, and I didn't know she was the only one ever to love me. If she'd lived we might have played together as true brothers.
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And who is that brother, brother?

No? If I'd been a 'normal' baby that she held, would ye have killed me anyway? But then the gunslingers were always heartless in the end.
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Not changing would be a good start. *A rueful sigh.* If I hadn't changed, would thou have loved me?

If I'd known to protect Susannah-Mia, would thou have loved me?
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Loki was prophesied to cause the end of days, and thus the gods chained him with the guts of his own son and left him in a cave. So they had none to blame but themselves when he ended their world, did they?

I cannot help how I was made, say true. But if thou and thine had a chance to let me in, and took it, I might have changed the when and why of the worlds' end. I be young yet, I have time to spare.
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Poor little beast long past its time, but still more important to ya than thine own kin? Bedamned to Oy, who ensured I died for nothing! *He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as the Red light begins trying to run over his skin.* Bedamned to everyone, Red and White, for ya left me all alone.

It's not easy, being born. Being new. Being a blue-eyed son.