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Nostalgia strikes again....

Reminiscing, are we?

[ He thinks this is funny as hell, don't mind if he laughs. ]

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You always were a sentimental type, all things considered. We caused quite a stir back in the day, didn't we? All sorts of trouble and mischief.

[ He cracks a grin just thinking about it. ]

So. You wanna have a go of it again, little miss mun? Or are you gonna chicken out?
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Sentiment can be...dangerous, to an extent. But there certainly were plenty of memories back then.

[A word of warning? Maybe, maybe not. One can never be too sure.]

I see you've been allowed to roam again.
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[There's a slight nod. (A trademark – if there ever was one.)]

Indeed. It can be left to the discretion of anyone who beholds it.

It seems the feeling is mutual among the Mundanes. I personally would think them to be more interesting than good.

[But all of the fun they had! For a moment, Xemnas' brow furrows.]

...I was promised I was to be "retired"...that promise obviously means nothing. 'Just for a small reunion,' she says.
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If that is what she thinks. [He briefly glances over a shoulder.] This one agrees with your opinion.

Hmn. While I hate to say it, it does. One small spark and a proverbial flame ignites. As lost as she may be, she's intrigued.

Is there no way to completely deter them?
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[RUDE, Xemnas.]

They are both – to borrow the expression – in the same boat. Irrational thought with no real direction. Comprehending their tendencies remains a conundrum. Memes and museboxes are the fastest route in terms of letting us go free to do as we will, yet there is no lasting effect. No "real" continuation. But a game takes commitment...

[His hands are held out as if to weigh these options, barely gesturing as he does. And after seeing there isn't anything in either of his hands, he lets his gaze fall on Xigbar again.]

Perhaps one day you won't be so disappointed, Xigbar.
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[Is that a smirk? Maybe it's just the lighting here.]

There is plenty of material to work with. This one thought she was in the clear, but time will tell if she ever decides to dive back in.

I suppose you'll just have to enjoy the time you have now to bother a few familiar faces. And maybe plot something on the side if nothing else happens.
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[He's allowed to live a little. Even if he doesn't show it that often. And at the expense of others.


Reviewing? Distraction aside, she sounds serious. It's all too easy to lose their attention, but I'm confident in your ability of getting it back from her.

[If only his Mundane did the same. He wants his break, darn it.]

A sound tactic. The more active you become, the harder it would be to leave the thought alone.
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illusionomicon OwO

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[Hah hah haaaaa.]

Of course you'd hunger for trouble again. All that does is decrease survivability, you know.
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eyyyyyy i'm flaking rust left and right and may be massively ooc but eyyyyyyyyy

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There exists a middle ground between inviting trouble and gathering dust, you realize?

[Of course Xigbar doesn't realize. Here it is, a huffy little sigh. The sixth remains an asshole C8 ]

A sense of adventure decreases survivability. Think of the long term, for a change.
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Re: hahaha you and me both.... #YOLO

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[This arrogant asshole only has a good opinion of Lexaeus and Xemnas. That's just how it is. In Zexion's estimation, Xigbar might possess a certain base cunning... but he'd never cotton on to exactly the extent of the web the Second has woven. Hubris is indeed his downfall.]

Anticipating the excitement trouble will invite into your life is almost as terrible as inviting it directly. [Stodgy and no fun? Sounds like Zexion.]

As the second in command, you have a duty to think of the rest of us. Don't behave in such a childish manner.
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[It's ironic that the Cloaked Schemer should miss the greater schemer located right under his nose. Zexion would not be amused by the truth, but he would recognize the irony.]

If the responsibilities don't suit you, then consider handing the post to someone more reliable.

[Wow wow wow such disregard for hierarchy, going nuts here]
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[Flatly because, you know, no love lost-]

Must be something in the air. [Must be something in those trailers.] All these... mundanes... getting caught up in old memories.

[Okay, he'll allow himself a teeny, tiny smirk. The situation might not be 'funny as hell' to him, but he'll admit there's something... kind of darkly humorous about it? His 'permanent retirement' status reversed by a short cutscene and a couple trailers mostly featuring Sora fighting. Gee, sure didn't take much.]

Probably only a matter of time before you old men are ruining hearts and lives in 'games' again.
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HELLOOO it's been so long!! but I've been rereading SP threads lately wistful sigh

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[His smirk fades away just like that. Back to grouchy faces with a little jaw clenching we go. Forgive the lack of icons, it's totally a grouchier face than pictured. More like >:(, really.

This guy. Even after all these years, this guy. He shakes his head, folding his arms over his chest.]

I do think so. It might be a while longer yet... [Another couple trailers might be needed. Or the release of the next chapter of their story... (Hopefully next year, c'mon SE, you can do it!!)] But sooner or later, you'll crawl back up out of the dirt.

[Like so many cockroaches. Of darkness.

... The mun sure hopes so, anyway. Ah, the good ol' days when there were Norts and Nort plots all over the place.]

I've been back for a little while now. About four months. Can't say I saw it coming.
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a kh3 trailer drops, the entire collective fandom rouses from the realm of sleep

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It's always the same pattern: these mundanes are, the lot of them, tend to be absurdly sentimental.

It's nauseatingly mawkish of them. Poorly thought out of you, too, if you're goading them in this.
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fkwyljsdsf we'll pretend the typo in my previous tag didn't happen then

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[ Usually, being called Four is at least somewhat gratifying. Usually, it's not coming from someone higher up-
which is why he's not even going to bother with calling Xigbar Two, because it's not like their ranks matter except when convenient for him. ]

Don't be ridiculous. You and I both know that we can't much enjoy anything, unless you profess to being satisfied by a mundane's meandering whims. At which point I would have to question why, as I fail to understand how even one such as you could derive any form of gratification from their usual desires.

It's all one form of trouble after the next with them.
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... amazing, we've pretended so well we altered reality. 8)b meanwhile forcefully scrapes off rust

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[ ... At least it's not 'Frosty.' Goddammit Vexen, Xigbar hasn't even really done anything yet and already you're affronted. ]

Amazing. Truly, you've done it all, accomplished what so many of us could not. All those years in Radiant Garden and a decade in the Organization, and finally we can count an entrepreneur amongst our number.

[ ...... Well, Zexion had to pick it up from somewhere. ]

I don't see why so many of you would rather invite trouble than otherwise, but very well. It isn't my business how you would rather waste your time. Though, with such an impressive resume backing you, one must wonder: what is it, exactly, that you even expect you'll be doing in the future?
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the woes of playing characters like these...

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[ If Vexen ever accepted any of his would-be colleagues' quirks as just things they did, he'd probably be a much less dramatic man. Case in point, blowing out a somewhat aggravated sigh at the nickname, which then segues into: ]

Hardly. If anything, I've existed more as a, what was it? Ah, yes, a 'fic muse.' Not exactly any grounds for a triumphant return, as you put it.

[ But right. The... Organization. The one that doesn't consist of the 13 of them that Xemnas gathered up. He's... heard about that.

For once, Vexen actually shuts up and just. Makes this face for a long moment before speaking up again. ]

... It sounds to me as if she's run out of familiar ground to stand upon. What with your... involvement with things, stepping out into the unknown may very well be quite the daunting task when the promise of more to come lurks on the horizon.