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the dark tower series | about that ... movie.

Oh, I know; I know — you're disappointed, right? What did you expect from a room full of fat-faced fools who couldn't read even if a book had legs and its skirts were hoisted above its thighs.

Chin up, buttercup. Our train doesn't stop here. After all, one step forward, two steps back, and you — are still going back, remember? It's a valiant effort, I must say. All of Roland's droning? And I mean, Jesus, how long are we gonna have to sift through that junkie's baggage all over again?

Still, it's been a long time since you and I tangoed: you think you remember the steps?

Here, I'll lead. You? Make like our beloved and virtuous Gunslinger and follow.
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I shrieked, ngl

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Following and dancing ain't much like each other. [Suspicious squinting for a moment, then Ildi shrugs her shoulders.] But I always had two left feet, so...

You don't seem like the type to play second fiddle, though.
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[He doesn't begin to make her nervous until he uses that name. "Alicia Lynch." The color drains out of her face as soon as he says it. She takes a quick half-step backwards, almost bristling.]

I'm more of a solo act. [It's supposed to sound biting, but it sounds hollow instead.] Just haven't really been much on the dance circuit lately. You understand, right?

[She flashes him a sharp smile.] I ain't quite as quick on my feet as your friend the Gunslinger.