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On mun not posting her app

You... How could you not post it on time!? You even finished it so why did you leave it for the last minute?

[Her hand shoots up to silence any response.]

Nevermind! It doesn't matter. Now Itsuki is... Itsuki is...

[It almost seems like she's going to cry.]

She's all alone! Well I guess Yuna is there too but... But she's surrounded by weird creatures in a weird place! And they're going to make her work as a hostess or something! She'll undoubtedly be cute BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!

[She gives a melodramatic sniffle.]

Urrrgh Itsuuuuuki... Just hold on until Onee-chan gets there!

[Fu suddenly snaps out of her melancholy, smiling deviously.]

Kukuku... I can always break into the game. There are ways of doing that, right?
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[A-a hostess?! Itsuki claps her hand over her mouth, blushing furiously, before shaking her head and scribbling a quick response.]

{Oh no. Nothing like that!!!

I'll be gardening!}

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{Although it's true some of the creatures are kinda creepy...

(You just missed your chance to break in, fourth wall was before I got here.)}
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{But there's fairies here too!
Should I save you some fairy food?
Can't be worse than those offerings you wanted.}
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[She nodded happily after pulling a little bit away from the hug, but kept her arms around Fu, clinging tight, not wanting to be apart.

She then shook her head. Yes to the similarities, no to the familiar fairies.

She laughs a little at Fu's blush, a small mischievous grin, but then nods, writing again:]

{I have more self-control than that.}


{I wonder if I'll have a choice later? If you're in a spirit realm, isn't all food spirit food?}
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Oh! Fu! [It's been a while, but this little cat remembers your energetic demeanor, and so does her mun. You were actually what inspired her to bingewatch YuYuYu, as it so happens!] You found more of your friends, and your sister? That's great, nya! Hummy's so happy for you~ ♪

... Ah, you probably shouldn't try to break in, though. It might be dangerous. I'm sure you'll get to see them soon!
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[ Audible sigh. Karin wasn't quite paying attention to your outburst Fu, but she can tell by the look on your face that it isn't good. ]

What kind of trouble are you causing now, Fu?
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[ There's probably some level of seriousness baked in there...but coming from Fu? Well... ]

Itsuki's been kidnapped? Weird monsters? What are you talking about?
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What!? How did that happen? Where were you?

[ Accusations are always the best way to go. - Karin 2017 ]

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Go, go, Fuumin-senpai! Break in and save Ittsun!
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[ Sonoko is impressed by Fu's sisterly resolve. ]

What would you like me to do?

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Although it is against the rules, I share your sentiment in breaking in.

[ To rescue Yuna-chan of course. ]
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[ Togo takes a moment to think about the situation. After a while, her resolve and posture solidify with patriotic gusto! ]

There is only one option! We must erect our very own Sunomata castle as the once great Hideyoshi did. When they come out to inspect the castle, we shall sneak in and rescue the others!

The enemy will not be prepared.
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Weird creatures, that make you work as a hostess?

[ She exaggerates that ssss sound. More importantly, she's imagining a squirrel with wings forcing her to work as a hostess somewhere. ]

That's totally super weird.
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None that I've ever heard of.

[ And that's exactly why she's interested now. She excitingly inches closer to Fu. ]

So what's going to happen now? I overheard you saying something about breaking in. Is this a rescue mission? Will we get to fight the monsters and save her?

[ There isn't much pause for a breath in all of that, but she did add herself to the equation there ever so casually. It's the huntress code! Right? ]

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