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If I'm going anywhere, just let it be somewhere with showers. Hot ones. Number one priority, okay? Seriously.
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Would a figured three squares to be a little higher.
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[[Not the best guy to sell on those.]]

Boil up some water, put it in a bucket, hang it over where yer washing and you got hot showers anywhere you are. Ain't so hard to get.
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Lots of places with that. Don't mean they're any good otherwise. She got a place in mind or just dangling you like a worm while she hems and haws?
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That sucks. The hemmin' and hawin', not the low standards. Think you should at least ask for a roof to go with the shower, though.
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mmmhmm. Name's Daryl.
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Sure. You too. Hope you find a good place. A few ain't so bad. Others... Jus' glad she got me in them no more even if she don't feel the same.
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First one was no better than home. Dead still walking, just faster and smarter. Some place on earth but in the middle of a wasteland in some walled off town that ain't made it. No one who woke to on the dropship we landed in knew to keep 'em from rising again. Just left the bodies of them that ain't made it there to fester.

Most of 'em thought I was crazy. Til the first attack anyway.
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I hear you. [A beat.]

Tends to come with a catch, though, with them games, least in my experience. Hopin' you get lucky, though.
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Wish I could tell you it ain't, but...

[Also shrugs, equally helpless.]

Shit jus'... finds a way, dependin' on the mun.
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[He looks up, blinking, eyes sharp with fresh self-awareness. Then his brow furrows.]

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psssh, that's fine

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['Muertos' gives him pause - though the only reason he doesn't react with surprise is because the mun pushed him in Javier's direction with a heads up along the lines of, 'here's someone who you'll be able to relate to thanks to your shared experiences and same-world shit'.]

I bet.

[There's a sadness in his eyes and for a moment they look too old for a twenty seven year old. He looks down at nothing in particular and it's a while before he says anything.]

Muertos, huh. ...Different names for the same ol' bullshit.
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[He subtly straightens a little.] Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. [Look how fine he is!] Jus'... thinkin'. [Shrug.] Guess I have plenty a' time for it these days.

[Have a weak-ass, mirthless chuckle.

Not really what he was expecting but, hey, beats being a snarling, mindless thing and adding to other survivors' burdens.
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You got any friends here? Family? If you... don' mind me askin'.
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...I'm sorry. [He says, his voice a soft, cracking thing. Of course he understands - and it's only harder when he looks to Javier and thinks he sees flickers of Nick in his face.]

But this place bein' what it is, you stand a pretty good chance a' runnin' into somebody you know.
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Attention, overlander! My writer may or may not have noticed your lament of lacking icons and threw a few together for your perusal and/or use!

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Hot showers. That does sound pretty good.

[For all that Asgard had the weird powers thing, and the war, Clementine couldn't deny she took full advantage of the luxuries of food and showers while there, years back now.]
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Careful what you wish for.