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Pushing his way to the front

Hold on for just a sec. You're looking at games and you're not even gonna give some of us a chance to join in? Why don't you hold some try outs or something first?

I mean I understand you're comfortable with the crazy dude with the bowtie and the Thundercat wannabe but... Some of us might start to think you're playing favorites when you go skipping over us. Just saying... Like, ask the rest of us if anybody else is interested. 'Cause maybe someone else actually is...
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So, you're going to go that far and then try to pin it off onto someone else?

I bet you actually want to get picked to go.
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Spandex Kid?

...Spandex-Kid. It's Spider-Man. Not kid.

(Come on, dude. Not a kid here. Says the short guy with the occasionally high pitched voice and is mistaken for a girl on occasion.)

First off, I'm definitely not a kid. (Not even going to address the first part.) Secondly, I don't think most muns get subtle.
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Such is the lot of we neglected, innit? But don't let that bring you down, sweet compeer. Sometimes being overlooked is the greatest tool a man can have! Eheheheh.
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[Patches is harmless! He certainly doesn't care to feast on humans, at least. He even gives a disarming, friendly smile. Well, tries to. He still kinda looks like a sneaky creep, especially with his gangly spider legs re-positioning themselves every few seconds.]

Surprises are what I thrive on, that much is true. What's a life without, says I? And I suppose a man can use the spare time to make plans. Scheme a little upon what you can do to entice attention back your way?
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A man could always lay a trail of enticing, glittering baubles for them to follow, leading o'er where you're keen on them ending up. Works every time I've done it. Sure as my name is Patches, which it is, blessed be!

And if they're still dragging their fat feet, you can always give 'em a loving nudge, eh? Just a friendly tap from behind gettin' them stumbling erelong into the proper direction.

[Make tempting trails, then kick 'em in the ass. Works like a charm, baby.]
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Happy hunting, friend! Eheheheheh!
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Wanting to get into a game is kinda dumb if you ask me mate. There's plenty of deadly and dangerous games out there. Are yiu sure you're up fir the risk chump?
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Oh a goody-two shoes ey? That's a shame. Mate, I've been in these games before. There's no such thing as winning. Heck I was in Tartarus and everyone there suffered equally. But if you really feel that self-destructive then go ahead.
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You think you will have a choice? How cute, but naive.

In my experience Muns tend to enjoy making us suffer. In different degrees.
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I didn't expect to go from a paradise to the greek purgatory either but it still happened. The lure of cast mates can be far too great.
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We weren't friends. Unlike our Muns.
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No. Someone I wanted dead. But I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual.
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I am Groot!