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It's nice to see you dedicating so much time into promoting my image. But I might have to ask "what for?".

Last I checked you had no intentions upon sending me anywhere where I would need so many different type of user pictures and I fail to see why you would need so many if you were to give me a chance in one of your 'PSLs'.

I will admit however, It is nice to see you focusing on something else other than your own troubling thoughts.
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People today are too easily distracted. A good focus on one thing is perfect for a healthy mind.
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Of course, of course, that's perfect too. People need to relax every now and then, so they don't let their work overwhelm them.

Spirits are drawn to stress after all.
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Hard to say. You never know what spirits will obsess over. They could be fawning over music day-in and day-out.