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on the events of the latest episode

I would never have wanted that. Cruelty should not beget even worse cruelty.

What is my mother thinking?
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I always knew your mother could be- [almost he says something incredible crass and rude, but he catches himself. This is his daughter we're talking about.]

Nasty. But that's leagues beyond that.
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She changed a long time ago. [Was it any wonder he drank more when she was arounds? Gods know she was a chore on her best days.]

Be thankful you took after me. You've a better head on your shoulders than her.

[Wow free license to not have to pretend to like Cersei in front of the kids not that he was ever good at that to begin with. It feels liberating.]
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[Ah. He isn't entirely sure how to deal with that. He was best in his fathering when he was keeping a fair distance away, doing normal Robert things and sometimes patting the children on the head or ordering expensive gifts for them. He was less skilled at, well, anything more than that. Cersei had set up some pretty clear boundaries about who did the parenting.

A pity, too. He had another daughter once. Oh the ways he could make her laugh...]

Hah, well, better without a bloody big boar in my gut, eh? Look at you, though. Gods you've gotten big. I remember you being so high last I saw you. [He indicates a height far less than what she actually was last time he saw her.]
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[Nineteen. By the gods, how did he have a girl the age of nineteen? The girls he took to bed were oft younger than that. It seems a little too late to be a father, even if they are both dead. What can he teach her that life hasn't already made painfully clear.

He doesn't know how to make her laugh. Not really. Not on purpose. He barely knows how to look at her.]

Maybe you were. It's hard telling now. That's the trouble with being dead. You don't rightly remember the way things just were or were a long time ago. [They're all memories now. Only, now she's not. She's full grown. A woman bloomed and looking just like her mother the day she was wed. Before he knew what she was.]

You've grown up pretty. Golden hair and all. You deserved better than some Dornish prince.
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[Robert isn't really used to being a father. Oh sure, he's been called one for a long time now and that isn't anything new. But a child he called his own? They belonged to their mothers, whether they be Cersei, a tavern whore, or whatever noble born woman might have found a Baratheon in her bed.

He closes his hand around hers. Even after years of kingship, his hands are still hardened from his years as a warrior. Not all of him has gone soft just yet.]

Someone better. [For both of us. Until he sees his own lady love, there's no happiness to be found in death. But for his daughter, well... It's no use rattling off names.] Someone who would love you. A man who would tear through all the armies of Westeros just for a chance to see you one more time. Aye, that's the man for you.
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No, it should not.

[She bites her tongue. It is not fair or right to speak roughly of a parent before a child - even if said child is grown.]

I cannot say how your mother thinks. [Or if she does.]
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[Yes, there is an effort, but this young woman speaks of putting an end to the cycle of cruelty. Cersei Lannister would not be so kind.

Daenerys's gaze softens further and she steps closer, regarding Myrcella sorrowfully, but with a hint of hard determination. Alright, more than a hint. She is the Mother of Dragons.]

I will not have children suffer for the crimes of their parents. As you say, that only continues the cruelty; it doesn't end it.

Cersei Lannister will be judged by myself and her people. I do not believe I will suffer her to live.

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Often is cruelty a dangerous vice of weak-minded individuals who've been hurt before.

My condolences regarding your mother.
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Perhaps there's something that haunts your mother that she had yet to forgive.

[Who is this dear sweet girl? She seems so distraught and lonesome. It's truly worrisome to see the youth with such a burden upon her shoulders. He may not have much to give in terms of advice but it seems like the girl might want to sit down and talk with her mother.]

Old wounds tend to fester like that, even metaphorically.

[He certainly knows from experience.]

Ah, I didn't mean to be rude. I'm Angeal.
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[The Seven Kingdoms? Angeal blinks his eyes some at that. The only kingdom he knows is Wutai and they lost the war. Curious about the girl's origins, Angeal listens intently.]

You was...assassinated? [Oh boy, what did he tumble into? He's at a loss for words.] Violence only begets violence. What they've done unto you fostered what would be their undoing.

[He frowns some. This story of assassination and betrayal reminds him too much of a theatrical play.]

Myrcella? [The name is foreign but pretty.] You're royalty, aren't you? Your name certainly gives it away.
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[he wonders, often, where in the world Myrcella came from in a union between him and Cersei. Joffrey, never, even with how awful he was, he seemed to be the worst in both his parents added up and magnified. but Myrcella and Tommen, he can only imagine their gentle natures came directly from their grandmother.]

Your mother has always been the sort of person who lashes out when she's upset. And she loved you, more than anything. You know that. So when she lost you, it was more than she could bear, and she wanted Ellaria Sand to suffer like she had suffered.

[and he had, for the most part, approved. maybe there had been something tugging at him telling him that something like that was too far, but Ellaria Sand absolutely deserved a slow and painful end. her daughter, maybe not, but on the other hand, killing Ellaria herself had seemed almost too merciful, and there was something darkly gratifying about her having to watch her own child die.]

It's the same for your brothers. Or brother.

[there was no one to blame for Tommen, after all. at least not directly.]
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Your mother is Queen, your Highness.

[ it's not in his nature to speak ill of anyone as much as he can manage, but this time - it's trying. ]
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We cannot help the ones we're born to. The ones we must love.

[ he imagines she must have been a good and devoted mother, if nothing else - the swiftness of her anger over king joffrey's death says as much. it doesn't make her any less cruel, but it makes her human. living.

jon so often needs the reminder, these days. ]
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[ for his part, he's only caught glimpses of the royal children from a distance. he's the bastard son of a lord, the warden of the north most of all - the closest friend of the king, by every measure. much as he'd have wanted to be in the halls (he didn't, not by much) during the feast, he still was a mark of dishonor on his father's lady wife above all.

he's an insult to their lawful children. jon understood that. no matter how many times he's been assured of his father's love, jon understood the weight of his bastardy even then. ]

Life is rarely kind for most folk, I would say. I've been better off than most, true, but... the gods seem to rather we suffered for our gifts, than give them to us freely.