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With the HF animation getting closer, I'm getting an itch... (canon is Fate/)

To see all that happening again... you can't ask me to be happy about it, right?

Although... onee-chan....
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Does it bother you, Sakura Matou?
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The story will be the same.

[ Maybe a few changes, but close enough to where it won't matter much probably. ]

I think the only reason they get excited is because "HD is pretty" and they want "new icon material".

[ Which is ridiculous to him, but what can you do? ]

They're very self-centered.

[ Clearly, he does not appreciate his mun. ]
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I doubt it would matter to any of us, honestly.

[ It's a mun thing. ]

Would you rather not be here, Sakura Matou?
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[ The mun are always to blame. ]

Is there anywhere you'd like to go, if given the opportunity?
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You wouldn't be.

[ He says that with oddly definitive airs. ]

I cannot recommend anywhere like that, unfortunately. My time is spent mostly in 'museboxes' and 'PSLs'.

Is there someone you want to see more than anyone else?
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