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...Why are you grinning so much? [His eyes is focused on that mousy looking girl with the bright poofy hair.] You and the "puppy" would get along well.

Maybe it's best not to let you meet him.

[Because honestly, he wouldn't be able to handle all that unbridled energy. Zack is more than enough for him to deal with on a normal day.]

So what is all this about? You're unfocused.
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Based on my experience, she wants to see a light shone on you that hasn't before....or she really wants to hurt you.
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Maybe not, but supporting roles often get their own following. And sometimes even spotlights of their own.

[Looking at you Zack...and Vincent I guess.]

Enh, tears more likely. Blood and Sweat are probably on the table too though. Usually in some combination.
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[Cloud can't speak for the fanclubs, but he knows the high regard Zack held for his mentor. And the other grunts in ShinRa's personal army respected the man greatly too.]

Trust me, that doesn't matter much. Sometimes your story will be thrown out and they'll try to write you a new one. It's worth it though, mostly.
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Yeah, that'd be a real bad idea. That Zack fella? Heard he's a real troublemaker.
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I could be a hundred years older'n you and you'd still call me that, huh?
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Some things never change, I guess.

For the record, though? I outgrew it. Mostly. Sort of.
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Heh. Glad I could make all that trouble worth it.
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Oh, it's waaay too late for that now, old man.

[ he can make that joke now, right? right. ]

I, uh ... I guess? I mean, sort of. Not much else to do 'round here, besides collecting dust.

Honestly, my writer-lady just brought me out here to say hi to you. I haven't had much of a reason to get out in a long time.
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Obviously. You weren't expecting me to be all humble an' junk, were you?

[ really, Angeal should know better. he may have grown up, and they may be considered equals now, but he's still a brat. ]

Been a real long time. It's good to see you, too. Missed you.
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Hey, how about that, he's learning.

[ even grown up as he is, there's still the same youthful pride there, and the ever familiar watch the hair swats begin. ]

Maybe a little. Can't exactly blame me, can ya?