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That's your pet peeve Mun? Yeah, I'm not a fan of the sound of people chewing gum with their mouths open either.

Of course I have to give them a pass when they're in a different room or building. I can't exactly lean out the window and shout at the neighbors to learn some table manners.
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It's annoying, but at least they keep the gum in their mouths. It's the ones that leave gum all over the place that are really disgusting.

... Do you know how hard it is to get gum out of fur?
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[Oh yes, Artemis is very much a cat. One with a tail thrashing in annoyance at the thought of gum in his fur.]

Do I ever. Picture this, cat with short fur takes a nap on a windowsill... and wakes up to find he's slept on a big piece of used gum. It's disgusting and the fur had to be shaved off to get rid of it.

[Artemis is trying to avoid mentioning that he's said cat, but he also hasn't realized that the person he's talking to isn't quite as blind as he seems. Granted, around here he wasn't really trying too hard to hide either.]
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Very much so. The... yowling went on for quite a while.

[Well, he couldn't call it swearing as he was trying to avoid giving away the fact he's a cat. Never mind that he's not fooling anyone.]

I've found some people just don't care where they drop their trash. It's disgusting. [The thought of anyone picking up old gum to re-chew makes Artemis sound a little ill.] Ack. I hope not, that is vile sounding.
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Urg, you're not kidding. [If he thinks that's bad, try being a cat. Humans are so weird sometimes.] Yeah, sometimes too many surprises...
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It would be a tad hypocritical, yes. *Ives sounds, and is, amused. He's also faintly blood-scented despite his best efforts, wearing a uniform of a pre-Civil War style and probably not blinking quite often enough.*
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Mmm, something like that. *There's a kind of dangerous amusement to him, though normal people would be unlikely to notice it. Also the blood smell sharpens a bit whenever he breathes out.*

Colonel Ives at your service.
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A pleasure to meet you.

I haven't had my men in a very long time now, I'm afraid. *Does humor have a smell? A tiny hint in his tone, no matter how suppressed? If so, Ives might as well be cackling hysterically.* When I did it was back during the Mexican-American War, well before your time.
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*He had his men for dinner. They were delicious, if the quick lick of his lips is any indication.*

Older than that, since I was a soldier then. I was born in . . . 1813? 1809? Somewhere around then.