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Patches The Spider ([personal profile] fastfriends) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-08-02 04:17 am

Canon is Bloodborne, Arachnophobia is Forever

Well, glory BE. Never thought I'd see YOU coming back this way after you'd gone off with the Mensis fellow. Not that I'm sorry to see a friendly face, of course! Perish the very thought.

And fret not; that ugly matter of you passing me over for the caged man on the first go is water under the bridge, my friend. An ordeal as good as forgotten! Eheheheh...

Besides, this may be a good a place as any to search for a new god, isn't it?
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My! What a handsome devil you are!

Though, I doubt there's any such "god" around here. Hehehe!
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i'm so happy to see another patches disciple

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Perhaps a fool knows that. Do you take me for one, you twisted doppelganger? I should hope our first fated meeting would not be so insulting!