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Just reviewed a little for him to goof around. :)

C'mon, did you really expect me to actually kick the bucket then and there? A chair is such a... a stationary spot to meet one's demise. Look, I admit, it looked pretty grim, but there's no way I'd let that jackass outlive me after all the smack he talked! The nerve of him, you know? Trying to make me look uncool and slow in front of Miss Minori. But that's not the important part, okay? Water under the bridge.

The important part's being able to get back to shrinking time! Using every second to the fullest! Time is a necessity for living happy and healthy isn't it? When you don't have-time-you-don't-have-living-to-do-and-I-plan-to-makethemostofwhatevertimeIhaveleft,stubbornnessismyspecialityotherthanspeedafterallandIplantokeepradicallyalteringtheworldaroundmeandfindthetrueessenseofwhatitmeanstosurviveandthriveinthefuture,ah,suchabeautifulthingthefuture,fullofpreciousmomentsyoucan'treplicatewithanyoldpowerbecausewhilespeediscrucialyouhavetosometimescherishthosequietslowmomentsdon'tyouthinkso—

[It's not going to stop until someone interrupts him.]

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wow he's perfect

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If you're gonna talk about shit like dying, why don't you go ahead and admit to yourself you'll probably bite the dust with your ass glued to that seat. It's there 90% of the time anyway.

Also, wasn't that girl's name Mimori? [ It's not like he'd remember it any better than you do, though. ]
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It's KA-ZU -- [ Neck locked. But you better believe he's going to elbow him in the ribs as hard as he can. No Mercy. ]

Get offa me, you big -- [ No way. He's not going to let himself enjoy this or feel that familiar pull of yearning inside his chest. Don't let yourself give in when you've been burned once already... ]

Agh. [ Finally pushing him off. ] Why the hell are you so bad at remembering names? It's like you'd rather hear yourself talk than listen to someone and retain anything!
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[ He'll land on his feet like the oversized cat (LION) he is and rub at his throat sullenly. He just glowers up at him, knowing that he's teasing him now. Which is annoying enough to warrant a punch, if he weren't so set on trying to be unaffected by this asshole. ]

... Ma. [ He'll finish it for you, in the most tsunderest of ways. He's tipping his chin and crossing his arms and everything. ]

Turtles don't even talk, so that doesn't even make sense. Anyway, all I'm hearing when you open your flapping mouth is that you're a selfish good-for-nothing. [ LIKE ME! BECAUSE YOU TAUGHT ME TO BE! Except not. ]
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I'm not sulking. [ Bitten out, with the added heat of his scathing tone.

It's so much easier when they're trying to punch/kick each other in the face. Regardless, that earns a bullish snort from him. ]

Yeah. No thanks to you.

[ Except it's all thanks to him. And it's not like Kazuma is going to admit that. He wants to consider himself a self-made man, after all. ]

... Listen.

I'm not gonna dwell over the past, so don't go thinking that I'm nursing a stupid grudge or anything. I just. [ He cuts himself off. Because, much like Cougar, he talks without filter and if his brain can't come up with something on the spot, he fumbles.

He doesn't want anything from him. He doesn't want him to stay (although he wouldn't mind if he did.........). ]

Get my damn name right for once, will you? [ Finally, with a huff. ]
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[ RIGHT?! And you even had him listening intently, because despite everything this stupid kid still looks up to Cougar. ]

... Try it and see where that marker ends up going. [ Major hint: up your ass. ]
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[ And to address the more serious tropic: ]

You've got your own way of going about things and I got mine. [ Kicking at the ground, his eyes flicker to nowhere important and then back to Cougar. Is he acting like a dejected child? Yes, he is. It should be familiar to the older man. ]

So... if you're going to stick around, just remember that.
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[ Blazing his own trail... It's the very phrase he's chosen to live by, and it's something that he first heard coming out of this idiot's mouth. The fact that they're entirely different is some unspoken understanding that they share between them and Cougar acknowledging that is somehow comforting.

And in turn, it makes him relax, release all that tension he'd let gather in his body. His shoulders sag in a manner that looks like he's defeated. But his expression remains impassive and soft.

As a kid, he'd been hurt. If he had found Cougar a year or two earlier, he might have demanded to know why he hadn't taken him with him, but now he just accepts that what happened happened and you can't change the past. And you can't change a man, either.

So how does he let go of these stupid feelings? What does he feel? Is it anger? Mistrust? Yearning? It's all so muddled that he can't discern what's reasonable or not.

But from the sounds of it, he plans on staying for some time.

SWATS AT HIS HAND. Don't pick at his hair! ]

I don't need advice coming from a guy with hair like yours. [ Hanging his head .a little, since he recognizes his concern and doesn't really have the heart or energy to face it right now. His power has taken so much out of his body, but he doesn't regret any of it. The last thing he needs is a lecture about how much he's shortened his lifespan. He made this choice and he's going to live with it. ]

There's an extra room in the clinic you can stay in, I guess. [ Shifting the topic BACK to the prospect of Cougar staying. LETS IGNORE THAT KAZUMA LEFT TOO FOR THE SAKE OF FANTASIZING ABOUT THIS CUTE LITTLE FAMILY ] You're just gonna have to put up with the mediocre grub.

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[ ... A bit of silence.

And he reaches up to move the fringe of his bangs from his face, almost self-consciously. Cougar has effectively evaded the subject of living together AND earned himself a sour look. ]
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It's Kanami. [ He'll never give up on correcting him. ]

Better homeless and scrappy than outdated and balding.

[ Punching him. Or trying to. ]

If it bothers you so much cut it. [ Cougar probably cut his hair... and bathed him. And by bathe I mean throwing him in the bathtub and dumping soapy water on him. ]
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[ He mirrors that manic grin of his, pushing his fist against the palm of his hand insistently. ]

Didn't anybody tell you not to run around with scissors? You might end up jabbing yourself right in your damn eye.

[ Says the guy missing one to begin with. ]

I don't wanna walk outta here with a sloppy-looking haircut. Kanami will complain.
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cougar: bustin out the bussy

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[ He's not impressed with how high you can stick up your leggy. ]

Tortoise my ass...! I'll show you slow!

[ He's going to take advantage of that opening. That opening being your bussy weakness. Kazuma will withdraw his fist from Cougar's hand, only to reel his arm back and aim another swing at his crotch. ]
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[ Do you actually think that's going to stop him... Especially with temptation right in front of him. It would've been hilarious if he managed to get you in the *tachibana voice* PRECIOUS BALLS. ]

I'm a lot stronger than the last time we fought, so maybe a rematch is a good idea.

[ He lets out a loud HEH, slamming a fist into the open palm of his opposite hand. ]
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Loud, aren't we?
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[A slight smirk crosses her lips. It's fairly obvious this gentleman has no idea whom he's speaking to.]

I can be loud when I want to be.

I'd just prefer not to strain my vocals before a performance.
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[Oh she can. And she will~

Perhaps if the rest of Walkure were here and there was an outbreak she'd feel the need to. Singing just for the sake of it still seems a little odd to her. As great as it feels to put all her energy into a performance there's still the ever lasting question... "why does Mikumo Guynemer sing?" she constantly struggles with.]

Perhaps some other time.

[Sorry SG. You're out of luck for now.]
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[...Well okay maybe just a faint hint of a song as she walks away. Gotta keep the mystery there just a teeny bit until you get to hear a more exciting performance.]

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[A pleasure performing for you. But next time she'll be sure to give you a proper show.

She flashes a cheeky smirk and suddenly flicks her hand up in a odd pose crossing two of her fingers over each other.

Until next time~]
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Sorry for the rust! I'll be marathoning this next myself. HAHA

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How do you expect to make a point if no one can keep up with you.

[ This post wasn't pragmatic enough, Tachibana is here to fix that. ]