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on plans in the far off future

Oh well... I do appreciate the attention. I suppose it might be true that I haven't been all that busy here lately. [She scrambles to add:] Of course, being a mother can be very busy work, a-and I've definitely made the effort to put my adventure behind me...

[Her hands instinctively rub together, one of her nervous ticks.]

Besides, there simply aren't many places where it's safe. Too many humans and... other things? I would rather not, thank you.

[....That's her polite way of saying she refuses to go to a murdergame.]
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Some humans can be nice, [Maggie notes, although that's more an observation than anything. Her nose twitches, but she doesn't move towards the mouse woman, not sure how not to startle her.] But I agree, if you have children you should probably look after them. My friend Butterfree has two, and they're a handful, even though they're pretty well behaved. Although I guess it depends on how old the children are, maybe?
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Oh, they're so precious at that age, [Maggie cooed, somewhat instinctively. Children and babies are her weakness, even when talking to strangers. But that brought her around to the mouse woman's point of view immediately.] I can see why you wouldn't want to leave them. And I suppose they couldn't really accompany you here...

[Conscious of her height compared to the other woman, Maggie carefully lays down, to bring them closer to eye level.] I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. My name is Margaret, but my friends call me Maggie.
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I'm sorry, I couldn't resist...

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[Artemis crouches and looks ready to pounce, thinking 'A MOUSE!.... Wait... Damn, a talking mouse. So much for hunting it.' Sighing, he moves to sit instead.]

Be thankful your Mundane doesn't look at those situations thinking that it would be 'fun' to put you in them. [He sighs.] Mine is like that often enough.
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[He stays put at seeing her reaction, looking a little concerned. Granted, he felt kind of stupid. He's a cat, of course she's going to be frightened of him. Never mind that had she been a normal mouse he would be chasing her around right now.]

Are you alright ma'am?

[He can't say he was expecting her to freeze like that. Run maybe, but not freeze.]

I won't come any closer if that makes you feel safer...
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Sorry. I know I'm not likely your favorite creature to see... It's just rare for me to meet anyone that's not a human around here.

[Well, human sized and/or shaped at least.]

Would you prefer I leave you be?

[He's not going to push it, knowing what cats normally do to mice.]
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So, just so you know - seeing you made my mun shriek somethin' fierce. Says your her favorite and oh my god and ....I think she's just smashin' the keyboard.