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On reading through the KH history

Aw gosh.

It sure does get to be confusing, I don't think there's a story that gets anywhere near as confusin' as the one I'm in huh?

But hey! It's not so bad! And it's not like proper time travel, right? Then it'd really be confusing haha!

Besides, what's important is making sure everyone is safe and sound.
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Yes, you're right! As long as everyone is happy and healthy, that's all that matters.

... And having a headache from all that confusion won't get us either.
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Yes, Mickey. I've got lots of wonderful friends who look after me, and I've been learning all kinds of magic! Why, I'm as safe as safe could be.
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[Aw, you. That gets a kiss to the cheek.]

heehee! You always know how to make me feel enchanting!
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[She lightly boops him on the nose.]

And you're a charmer.
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I don't get it either...

[Okay, to be fair he isn't particularly heavily involved in that canon but... He Knows. The kid can't even comprehend fairly simple concepts for the most part so a large chunk of the stuff going on in the series is totally lost on him.

Not that it all isn't exciting! But other than being interested in Jiminy's record keeping and having some good friends in that canon he's... pretty willing to leave the heavier concepts to other people. And he is really impressed with anyone that can figure any of it out.]
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At least they're trying? Mine is having issues with my world's mythology, so they understand about confusion. But to me, that they're trying shows they care, and it means you'll end up sticking around here, where you can find your old friends again.

...I haven't found my friends yet but! It's only been a day, it'll work out. [Maggie is always optimistic. Keep the cheerful spirit up and good things will come.]
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I'm sure they're around here somewhere. But if they started up a Rescue Team like what we ran back home, they're probably busy, so it may take them a bit to realize what's going on. I love my friends, but we're not the greatest at balancing work and fun sometimes. [Her included, admittedly.]
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Anyone who needs help. There have been earthquakes, floods and wildfires in my world lately, and people get trapped - so Rescue Teams go in and get people out. I know I don't look like much, and I'm not as strong as a lot of rescuers are, but I do my best.
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I don't think any of us really 'get' it all, Your Majesty. It's just that none of us really have...have all the pieces, I guess? At least, not yet. But that's okay. Because we'll get there. And you're right. The important thing is doing what we can, to help out.

[Okay, so he doesn't bow, but. At least he managed to address Mickey correctly? It's some improvement? Even if Sora is still pretty casual with him regardless.]
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Hey, Mickey!

But ah, that's true. I mean, I guess you and Riku and Yen Sid probably know more than I do, but even then. He didn't expect that at the exam.....

[None of them expected that, when Sora and Riku tried for their Mastery exam with the Keyblades.]

But we're doing what we can with what we do know. That's all anyone can expect of us, right? So try not to worry about it so much.
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Him and Merlin too, I guess? But yeah. Course I can smile. It's what the Gummi ship runs on, after all!

[Though perhaps whether or not Donald actually meant that literally or not might be debatable. Still. If there is one thing Sora is good at, it's persevering and trying to be optimistic in spite of whatever situation he might find himself in.]
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Yeah, there is not much time to question it all right now.

[Not, with Aqua still lost in the Darkness and the enough of their friends locked away and waiting to be saved.]

Maybe it will start making a little more sense when we are done with Xehanort.

[At least then they'll be rid of this nonsense of past selfs traveling into the future and what-not.]
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I wouldn't be surprised, if he does.

[He isn't a former Master for nothing after all, though if it was anyone else Riku would probably be uneasy. He doesn't like not having the full picture anymore than Mickey does.]

There is no use worrying about it though while we've got work to do.
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Yeah, definitely.